Convercycle bikes — City Bike & Cargo Bike in one

Convercycle bikes — City Bike & Cargo Bike in oneMeet one of the most innovative bicycles in 2018 @convercycle_bikes — City Bike & Cargo Bike in one! * now on Kickstarter *Convercycle = 60kg cargo capacity + the maneuverability...

Celebreak in Frankfurt

In August 2017, I wrote an article about a fascinating project in my opinion.The article is still available here football lifestyle brand and the founders kept working on it and my GOOD NEWS now... and Commerzbank join forces to better serve entrepreneurs in Germany

The partnership offers company formation services bundled with specialty bank accounts at an advantageous price to help founders move quickly in their entrepreneurial journey.The nationwide cooperation between and Commerzbank offers entrepreneurs a frictionless...

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