Founder Interview with Ashok Dudhat (Featured in Top 10 Indian Entrepreneurs in Germany) &…


Founder Interview with Ashok Dudhat (Featured as Top 10 Indian Entrepreneurs in Germany)  & an introduction to his innovation: Tech Jobs Fair.

Today we introduce you to Ashok Dudhat who is the founder of Tech Jobs Fair — A solution that takes into account the problems of both job seekers and employers equally.


Frankfurt Valley is forever dedicated to featuring startups and projects from the German Ecosystem that add value to people, Tech Jobs Fair fits the billing perfectly. Learn more about the project, and scope with Ashok Dudhat through this Frankfurt Valley Exclusive founder interview.


Ashok, tell us a bit about yourself, your story, and what do you do at the Tech Jobs Fair?

Hello everyone, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Software Engineering for Industrial applications. I have more than 15 years of experience in different IT industries, such as e-commerce, turbine materials, as well as in-service and medical sectors. I work with CadCam Solutions, and some other companies like Siemens, Cortado, Gideon, and Cubeware in Germany and abroad. On one hand, I am a tech guy, so I love technology and therefore I am always eager to learn about new technologies — and to work with them. On the other hand, I also have an entrepreneurial spirit. I have always been motivated by creative and innovative ideas and projects. Teamwork and the possibility to draw a connection between my efforts and the organization’s bottom line is my great passion. When my team and I have an idea that works, then it inspires me to go further. It might sound like a cliché, but it is true in my case: I love to be involved in projects that can have a good impact on the world.

My first start-up project was Germany Startup Jobs, which I started in 2014. It still exists today and it is a website that provides job seekers the opportunity to browse and apply to some of the fastest-growing startups in Germany. Later on, in 2017, I created another project called ‘WP Event Manager”, a lightweight, scalable, and full-featured event management plugin for adding event listing functionality to WordPress websites. Ultimately, this brought me to the Tech Jobs Fair.

My inspiration comes from the willingness to build something based on my vision to help people find jobs. It sounds quite simple, but I guess many of us already experienced the frustrations that sometimes come with it and therefore can relate to the struggle. What first led me to the staffing and recruiting industry was actually my own experience. When I was studying in Germany, I had a limited visa period to find a job in the country. While I was busy looking for a job, there were other things to take into consideration: keeping track of my expenses and reaching my professional goals in a limited period of time. I didn’t want just any job, I wanted to start my career. So this idea came to me: to create a system where one can add his or her cv and automatically apply it to skill matching jobs. This made the whole application process faster and that’s how I built my first project, the portal Germany Startup Jobs. Step by step, and as I expanded my network in Germany, this idea ultimately evolved until I reached the concept, later the other two job platforms I created, Tech Job Wall and Hire Tech Talent.

What is the big issue that you and your company are addressing and what value do you bring to your clients that other competitors fail to?

Recruiting, coordinating, and leading a company is a significant issue that is looked at by the management. Recruiting experts can’t find an ideal fit for their jobs and job seekers are gradually losing confidence in themselves. This issue is seen by the two sides. Job seekers can’t get a good line of work and companies are under pressure to find experienced employees. There is a culture gap in the manner in which the recruiters are looking for employees and the manner in which employees are looking for jobs. So, here is a solution to fix the existing gap between the recruiters and job seekers which is HIRE TECH TALENT. Individuals can create their one-time tech profile on the platform which then goes through a verification process. Once their profile is verified he/she gets the opportunities to reach out to the top positions. Verified profiles are then visible to hiring companies which makes it easier to find the right candidate from the industry. Job seekers can apply for the positions with their one profile to several companies without being worried about the feedback. Individuals do not have to waste time applying for different companies on different platforms instead hiring companies will reach out to candidates. Notifications will be sent to the job seekers if they have been selected or not. Thus, bridging the gap between employers and employees through its simple, revolutionary portal Tech Job Wall, Germany Startup Jobs, and Hire Tech Talent has kept TJF at the top of the industry

Can you highlight some big achievements you have achieved so far?

My Achievements:

  1. Top 10 Indian Leaders In Germany — 2022
  2. Featured in the Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs magazine

Tech Job Fairs Achievements:

  1. Best Technology & Digital Employment Opportunities & Networking Event 2020 by German Business Awards
  2. Tech Event of the Year Award 2021 by German Business Awards
  3. Best Tech Event of the Year Germany — 2022 by The official Global 100
  4. Best Tech Event of the Year Germany — 2022 by Lawyer International — Legal 100
  5. Winner of the Tech Event of the Year Germany by Corporate Livewire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022
  6. World’s Emerging Best Brands — Category: Business Consulting by WCRC Leaders

Can you shed some light on any interesting projects TJF has been a part of in Germany?

To handle all the attendees in one place, we have decided to create a one-stop single platform in 2021 where attendees can create a one time profile and they can attend any events and connect with exhibitors after the event, it is called Hire Tech Talent is a reverse recruiting platform where job seekers have created their profiles and we have over 5k talented individuals who have been pre-screened and approved by our Talent Advocate. You can invite your team members on the platform & can access the full profile of screened talent as well as can send interview invites too.

What are the next steps or big milestones for your team?

We are planning the global expansion of the Tech Jobs Fair, starting with London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Dublin.

I want TJF to be a global brand and to create a startup and tech ecosystem around the globe. I hope to help more people from tech backgrounds to find employment, motivate them to do tech innovation, and educate them about entrepreneurship. We are aiming to establish Tech World — Tech Communities across the world.

Is there any other information about Tech Jobs Fair that you would want our audience to know?

TJF’s only focus is on the Tech Sector. We are providing service to our consumers in 3 phases. Before the event, On the day of the event, and after the event with help of our other platforms like Tech Job Wall, Germany Startup Jobs, Hire Tech Talent, and 500k+ Social media followers.

TJF has even been started with the concept of contribution. The candidate is the major part of our events, where we do not charge any sort of amount from them to meet with company speakers, recruiters, career sessions, etc. And we also invite various types of communities to get enhanced branding and networking with the tech sector leaders and to provide all benefits of the event to their members.


Finally, a solution that takes into account the problems of both job seekers and employers equally, Tech Jobs Fair is truly built to optimize hiring whilst simultaneously keeping the interest of job seekers as an integral part of the process.
The vision Ashok and his team have is truly commendable and Frankfurt Valley hails this initiative.


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