German National Team Captain & Chelsea F.C Legend Michael Ballack founds fertilizer startup: Lucky Plant.


German National Team Captain & Chelsea F.C Legend Michael Ballack founds fertilizer startup: Lucky Plant.

Together with Bernhard Unger and Thomas Hüster, the former captain of the German national team and Chelsea FC legend has created a company Lucky Plant that produces a biological plant tonic.

They are painful memories: 2008. It’s European Football Championship. After two games, Austria stops at one point. Only a victory against football power Germany would mean promotion. The game itself is not really good, rather hard-fought. After all, 50,000 fans at Happel Stadium witness how Ballack shoots the European Championship host out of the tournament at 121 km/h. Austria leaves after the German captain’s violent shot, Germany later becomes vice-European champion. 14 years later: Ballack only follows the game on the green grass from the outside. But he took experience with him today to enter entrepreneurship with Lucky Plant. And to promote plants.

Lucky Plant: An energy drink for plants

At Ballack, it was probably not only the feet that entered the lawn in the course of his career, but also his head. The shooter of the “Gate of the Year 2008” had worked intensively in his career with the products used on lawns.

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“I quickly noticed that they have high chemical components,” he explains. Together with my friend Bernhard (Unger), who has been trading flowers and plants for many years, we were looking for an alternative — and fortunately we met Thomas (Hüster). Together, the Trio Lucky Plant founded, a startup that produces a biological plant tonic. Specifically water-soluble tablets that can be used as fertilizers for plants and are also available as powders for fruit and vegetable seeds. He himself calls it an “energy drink for plants.”

Neighborhood help à la plant

Lucky Plant uses the carnation, which produces special secondary plant substances and promotes the growth, development of plants and the absorption of nutrients. The special thing about her is that she not only uses her ability for herself, but also supports other plants that grow near her. With the result: More flowering, a longer flowering phase, more robust lawns and higher harvests.

If you want to learn more about Lucky Plant, you have the opportunity to do so on Monday evening in the “Cave of the Lions”. Also included: Read-O, Le Gurque, Retter Kräcker and Xeem.

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