Berlin-based Paketconcierge closes their pre-seed round of over 1 million euros.


Berlin-based Paketconcierge closes their pre-seed round of over 1 million euros.

The company was able to win the Company Builder Xpress Ventures for its pre-seed financing. Paketconcierge wants to hire new employees, especially in marketing and engineering with the funding.

The Berlin start-up Paketconcierge has set up a platform for parcel reception. As part of its pre-seed financing, the company was able to attract the company builder Xpress Ventures. Together with other business angels, Paketconcierge has already secured financing of one million euros. With the money, the start-up wants to expand its team.

Above all, the start-up wants to solve one problem: Many customers are reluctant to use pick-up points such as parcel shops. These are often only specializing in one shipping service provider. This causes frustration, for example, when people receive packages from several suppliers that are distributed among different parcel shops. Paketconcierge now offers so-called pick-up points for packages. These should accept shipments from all shipping service providers and online shops. The offer is free of charge for recipients. Meanwhile, shipping service providers should benefit from more efficient parcel delivery. The system should also significantly improve the carbon footprint of parcel shipping.

“With very high customer satisfaction and already over 15,000 packages delivered in 2021, we have proven that people accept deliveries to parcel shops when it is practical enough for them,” says Michael Debuschewitz. He founded the start-up together with Gregor Herdmann in 2020. A pilot project is currently underway: The start-up is represented together with several shipping service providers at about 30 locations in Berlin.

Frankfurt Valley wishes Paketconcierge and their innovation all the luck for growth and future endeavors. You can apply for Marketing & Engineering roles on their website. Link below.

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