21st Frankfurt Founders’ Award— meet the winners


21st Frankfurt Founders’ Award— meet the winners

With the first place , the 17-member jury this year, choose the Startup talking hands flipbooks UG . The founders Maria Möller and Laura Mohn completely convinced the jury with their innovative idea of ​​conveying sign language through sign flip books. Communication difficulties between hearing children and children with impaired hearing are reduced in a playful way. The first place of the Frankfurt Founders’ Prize 2021 is endowed with prize money of 12,500 euros.

FRANKFURTER BRAUUNION GmbH with Sven Weisbrich was awarded the 2nd prize and prize money of 10,000 euros . The team is completed by restaurateur Raffaela Schöbel and restaurateur Simon Horn (both owners of the MARGARETE restaurant). The first Frankfurt beer from the founding team is called FXXXFXXXR HELLES and is a beer made by Frankfurters for Frankfurters. The beer is hand-brewed and without additives. FRANKFURTER BRAUUNION GmbH has already successfully entered into partnerships with kiosks, supermarkets, drinks dealers, restaurants and bars.

Café Cozy and Kitabuli GmbH , both won the 3rd prize, receiving a prize money awarded to each of 3,750 euros. The founder Tina Brückmann convinces with her cross-generational gastronomy concept, which integrates young and old. In the Heimelig café , pensioners prepare pastries and desserts according to their own traditional recipes. Tradition and values ​​are just as important as the conscious use of all food and the use of high-quality and healthy food.

The founder Senada Dzogovic of Kitabuli GmbH impressed the jury with central daycare software for parent initiatives and independent organizations. From child and personnel management to automated bookkeeping to reports and evaluations, the software makes everyday work easier and creates time for working with children. Software training courses or specialist conferences on the subject of process optimization in day-care centers complete the range of offers. With Kitabuli, new digital design solutions are shown in daycare operations.

“This year, the Frankfurt Founder’s Prize will be awarded for the 21st time. The fact that 34 companies applied for the Frankfurt Founders’ Prize this year shows how many great people there are in Frankfurt am Main who enrich our city with their business models and ideas. All of the award-winning companies stand for one thing: the quality of the start-up ecosystem of the city of Frankfurt am Main, ”said City Councilor Markus Frank.

A total of 646 companies have applied with their business ideas since the award was launched. The jury showed a keen sense of the past with the selection of the prizewinners. “Over 80 percent of the 74 winners who have received awards so far are still successful in the market. That shows how sustainable and solid the business ideas of the award winners are, ”says managing director Oliver Schwebel happily.

The recording of the award ceremony is available on the YouTube channel of the Frankfurt Economic Development Corporation and at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw4MPbOdIy8 .

About the Frankfurt start-up award

The Frankfurter Gründerpreis is an initiative of the City of Frankfurt am Main and the Frankfurt Economic Development Corporation and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. The prize has been awarded annually to outstanding founders from the Frankfurt metropolitan area since 2001. It is endowed with prize money totaling 30,000 euros. In addition to members of the city council, the jury also includes founding and technical experts as well as former award winners. The competition is organized by the Frankfurt Economic Development Agency.

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