Roastmarket is THE online specialist for premium coffee brands in Germany.

More information about Roastmarket can be found on the company’s website . You can find information about the takeover in the following articles (in German):

Founded in 2015 by Boris Häfele and Philip Müller in Frankfurt, Roastmarket quickly established itself as an online market for premium coffee and its range
continuously expanded.

Today the eCommerce specialists offer more than 4100 products from more than 280 brands, including coffee makers and accessories, as well as tea and candy.

Last year sales increased from € 11 million to € 23 million. Meanwhile 122
Employees in Frankfurt and Hanau handle it.

As early as 2016, two members of the Business Angels Frankfurt RheinMain saw the potential of the business model and the quality of the Founder. Together with other investors, they financed the growth in several rounds
from Roastmarket. The Enabling Company (TEC), the media-for-equity unit of Burda Verlag and the Melitta group of companies also got on board.

Melitta now has 72% of the Company shares taken over, TEC continues to hold the remaining shares. Boris Häfele stays in the Roastmarket team as managing director, meanwhile together with the co-managing director
Gisbert Grasses.

Melitta announced, as the Handelsblatt reported on July 31, 2021 that it was together with Burda “appropriate resources” will be available to support the strategic To use growth prospects.

“These are good prospects for Roastmarket and a great one Success story for our startup location. ”Says Andreas Lukic, Chairman of Business Angels FrankfurtRheinMain.

“The exit at Roastmarket shows what can happen when it is lively Startups and experienced business angels come together. For over 20 years now we support this. “

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