Insiders: Mainstage Hub onboards their latest startup CVViZ


Insiders: Mainstage Hub onboards their latest startup CVViZ


Mainstage Hub is pleased to announce the onboarding of their latest startup CVViZ

It can be challenging to offer a precise definition of a successful startup, Mainstage Hub deals with a lot of startups and scaleups on a daily basis but only a few of them truly stand out. Mainstage Hub is not like your typical incubator program, they invest and partner with startups that they truly believe in & CVViZ was one of those that fit the bill.

Hiring the right employee is imperative, your business is only as good as your employees. From your front desk to the C-levels, every employee represents a facet of your organization to your clients. Hiring people that don’t share the same vision and values can cost your company more than just money. With companies taking hiring more seriously in recent times the problem of finding the right talent has become more prominent. CVViZ makes hiring easy and it helps you to not only get a good employee, but it also helps you to filter out and get the right employee for your company.

CVViZ is an AI recruiting technology that helps you improve your quality of hire. Be it high-volume hiring or niche hiring, the key is to reach the right candidates sooner. CVViZ gives you that edge! Using AI for recruitment you can identify the best candidates at the beginning of the recruitment and selection process. CVViZ is an AI recruitment tool that provides intelligent automation of the recruitment process. It can also integrate with the existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to act as an intelligent layer on top of your existing recruitment management system


CVViZ Explanatory Video

“Hundreds of companies apply to scale with Mainstage Hub but we select only 2% of those companies . Partnering with CVViZ gave us access to a ringside seat to witness the solution to a problem that we as a company have faced since our inception. Their solution is trusted by 100+ companies from startups to large enterprises & we are really excited to onboard CVViZ as one of our portfolio startups” said Swen Wegner, CEO & Founder of Mainstage Hub.

Amit Gawande, CEO & Co-founder CVViZ shared his thoughts on the partnership aswell “When we started CVViZ, the one thing that we were sure about was that we wanted to scale our product globally. And when you want to scale, you need the right team, the right channels, and the fine execution. We believe Mainstage Hub brings these qualities together. We are excited to have Mainstage Hub as our extended team.”

For more information visit our website Mainstage Hub, or connect with us on Linkedin.

Writer:- Shafique Fakih

Mainstage Hub

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