Rentenbank’s AgTech and FoodTech Demo Day Winner — Organifarms


Rentenbank’s AgTech & FoodTech Demo Day Winner — Organifarms 

After three days of networking, pitch refining and sharing sessions, one startup took home a big check, but all 10 startups won insights and exposure. The big winner, Organifarms, is creating automation technology for vertical farming systems.

Organifarms automates complex processes in indoor farming systems to make them profitable for the cultivation of fruit & vegetables.

To meet their customers needs, they adjust their technology to the crop types and functions they require and take care of the integration into the indoor farming environment.

By winning the Demo Day the team was given 5000€.

Event was co-organized and hosted at TQ.

Watch the demo day in German:

The other startups:

  • Agriportance (Münster)– Agriportance is a digital platform that connects biomethane producers and petroleum companies efficiently and fairly.
  • BetterEco (Berlin) — Mouse-click procurement & tracing: First international (organic) agribusiness platform that is blockchain-based and can fully trace (including blending and repackaging) food back to the farmer’s field. The technology is also applicable to other industries.
  • ConstellR (Freiburg) — ConstellR is a space data and services company leading the way in delivering daily, global land surface temperature maps for the Agritech industry.
  • GARLO (Kempen) — GARLO is a vertical farming startup that grows substrate-free plants via an aeroponic system in an extremely cost-efficient production plant.
  • LEROMA (Düsseldorf) — LEROMA is a B2B platform for all kinds of food materials and provides a connection between raw material suppliers and food producers.
  • muTech (Hannover) — muTech focuses on the field of agricultural technology and develops a 24/7 monitoring system for cows. (WINNER — People’s Choice)
  • ProLend (Münster) — ProLend is a platform for the exchange of agricultural machinery on a rental or loan basis.
  • SAM-DIMENSION (Stuttgart) — SAM-DIMENSION is a precision farming start-up, which develops intelligent computer vision techniques and combines them with data science to enable effective field surveys.
  • Tracifier (Hamburg) — Tracifier is a blockchain-based traceability application used for certificate verification of food and consumer goods, supporting accuracy and transparency of customer claims with product monitoring and testing.
  • VetVise (Hannover) — VetVise combines deep learning technology and veterinary knowledge to improve animal health and husbandry. Using low-cost standard camera technology, the health and behavior of pigs and poultry can be monitored.

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