iVE.ONE closed a successful pre-series A+ funding round with CV VC AG


iVE.ONE closed a successful pre-series A+ funding round with CV VC AG

Frankfurter Fintech iVE.ONE, a global platform fordigital assets, closed a successful pre-series A+ funding round with CV VC AG,a Swiss-based investment company that’s focusing on blockchain technology andcrypto assets.‍

· iVE.ONE receives investment from Swiss-based CV VC AG

· Confidence in digital assets and cryptocurrenciescontinues to grow

· Stronger focus on the iVE.ONE Investment Hub

Frankfurt-based Fintech Agora Innovation secures another investment forthe development of their platform iVE.ONE. The financing round was closed withan investment from Swiss-based venture capitalist CV VC AG with a broad networkin crypto valley.

iVE.ONE is unique in its technology enabled platform and infrastructure,which grant corporates, investors, asset managers and financial advisors toaccess a modernized capital market with blockchain technology.

“We are attracting more progressive clients and partners who see thesteady growth of digital assets and cryptocurrencies and recognize theassociated opportunities to participate in this environment with iVE.ONE,” saysCEO & Co-Founder Phong Dao. “The investment from CV VC AG confirms thatwe’re going in the right direction and that the market is growing on a globalscale.”

As an investment company CV VC AG is on a constant look-out for theunicorn in innovation and the most promising blockchain projects in cryptospace. Olaf Hannemann, Chief Investment Officer of CV VC AG, also sees hugepotential in iVE.ONE:

“The market is ready for a well-executed tokenized assets andtokenization platforms that deliver them, due to a number of benefits such ascost, fractional ownership, breaking boundaries, and iVE.ONE is well-positionedto drive this development internationally from a strong existing base and anattractive development pipeline in Germany. Additionally, we are happy toco-invest along leading German VC firms such as HTGF and FinLab EOS VC.”

Furthermore, Phong Dao points out that regulators are starting to setthe legal course for crypto assets. It’s a testament to how much the financialindustry and the investment community are focusing on alternative investmentopportunities like digital assets and cryptocurrencies and recognizing thetransformation value.

“We have a formidable team of shareholders and are currently buildingour advisory board to leverage their deep business expertise to further enhanceour iVE.ONE product, with a focus

on the iVE.ONE Investment Hub. The full investor journey for all cryptoassets, especially for institutionals is done effectively with ease andconfidence, from regulation, security and custody,” Phong adds. “One of thebest features is for asset managers to have access to a data feed to pull allinformation to their own decision tools to allocate digital assets andcryptocurrencies. CV VC AG has an excellent standing in the industry. With thisinvestment, we can further develop technology of our products as well as expandour network.”

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