Insiders: Mainstage announces the onboarding of their latest startup iVE.ONE


Insiders: Mainstage announces the onboarding of their latest startup iVE.ONE

Earlier this year, Mainstage Incubator, shared their 2021 preview, their continued goal to partner, and work with startups that share the same vision as they do and founders who rise to the challenge of building a business that adapts quickly to changing trends, iVE.ONE ticked both of those boxes.

Today Mainstage is therefore excited to announce the onboarding of our latest startup iVE.ONE

At Frankfurt Valley we reported about their projects several time — check it all here: — but in a nutshell iVE.ONE is a digital fundraising platform on the blockchain to give companies a competitive advantage. With their solution, their customers, who were previously only active in private markets, can now act on the capital markets through tokenization and expand their investors’ portfolios without the need for technical experience.

Their solution is a simple and user-friendly platform where investors interact with digital assets from issuers. Companies can tokenize and manage financial instruments on the blockchain in a regulated environment. Investors can easily invest in digital securities without having to deal with blockchain. And with this solution, they are coming closer to achieving their vision: Better Digital Assets for Everyone

iVE.ONE is truly the future of investing and is reinventing how issuers and investors go about their business. Here’s a video that explains how they work:-

iVE.ONE Explainer Video

“We are really excited to onboard iVE.ONE to Mainstage,” said Swen Wegner, CEO & Founder of Mainstage Incubator. “It is clear that they have a concrete vision which they are doing everything they can to achieve, they are constantly upgrading and looking for different ways to attract and retain their clients. Mainstage Incubator is driven and motivated to hit the ground running & help them accomplish this vision.”

“We are happy to be a part of Mainstage Incubator due to the same philosophy driving our businesses — thinking global. The support we receive in strategic sales and marketing for new jurisdictions (e.g. Australia) will potentially upscale our product iVE.ONE. And with their current approach to positioning themselves globally, we will deliver blockchain & digital assets across their communities.“ said Phong Dao CEO & Co-Founder, iVE.ONE.

For more information visit Mainstage Incubator´s website, or connect with them on Linkedin.

Article written by: Shafique Fakih

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