The Entrepeneurship World Cup 2021 DACH Event is on the horizon


The Entrepeneurship World Cup 2021 DACH Event is on the horizon

It’s almost time! The Entrepeneurship World Cup 2021 DACH Event is on the horizon. Happening today and tomorrow.

#EWC_DACH 2021 is going to be really special: high-quality startups, visionary entrepreneurs, unconventional solutions, a diverse and decorated speaker line-up, & an all-star team of judges it’s all happening at the event this year.

After three months of receiving 100’s of applications from all across the DACH Region, and after a long stringent evaluation process consisting of many high potential startups we narrowed it down to 10 startups who will compete in an intense Semi-Finals, from which our evaluators will pick our Top 6 startups who will battle it out in the DACH Region National Finals for a chance to pitch on a global stage & compete at the EWC Global Finals for a share of US$1 million in cash prizes plus additional investment opportunities and another US$750,000 in in-kind support.

Meet our illustrious panel of judges who will be reviewing the startups for the #EWC_DACH Event:


  • Nelson Mejia (Founder, WeSpark)
  • Jan Schaller, (Managing Director, PALMENTHAL GMBH)
  • Peter Mörsch (CTO, EMEA Central Broadcom)
  • Swen Wegner (Founder & CEO, Mainstage Incubator)
  • Debasis Chakraborty (Co-Founder & COO, Mainstage Incubator)


  • Neha Bahl (CEO, Toronto Business Development Centre)
  • Max Schubert (Head of B2B Marketing, Fidelity International Germany)
  • Benjamin Tallin (Founder & CEO, MoreThanDigital)
  • Dipjyoti Deb (Venture Partner, BSH Start-Up Kitchen)
  • Pawel Pieczul (Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation)

This highly decorated panel is full of industry leaders who will bring their extensive expertise, enthusiasm, & knowledge to ensure that the winners are truly worthy of battling it out for the grand prize.

Introducing our speaker lineup for #EWC_DACH 2021:-


  • Benjamin Tallin (Founder & CEO, MoreThanDigital)
  • Neha Bahl (CEO, Toronto Business Development Centre)


  • Donna Griffit (Corporate Storyteller)
  • Ramanan Ramanathan (Senior Vice President, TATA Consultancy Services)

A wide range of voices who will share their practical, philosophical, & personal insights about startups & much more.

Event Schedule

Semi-finals:- 29th June (2.30 to 6.30 pm-CET)

Finals:- 30th June (3.00 to 6.30 pm -CET)

We as national media partners are really excited about the event is planned this year — we hope you are too!

For more information visit the website of the national host Mainstage Incubator, or connect with them on Linkedin.

The link to watch the FINALS event:

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