Auto1 FT issues a €4 million digital crypto asset targeted towards professional investors with iVE.ONE


Frankfurt-basedAuto1 FT issues a €4 million digital crypto asset targeted towards professional investors with iVE.ONE

FinTech Agora Innovation has takena Security Token Offering (STO) to the automotive industry for the first timewith its iVE.ONE platform. With the tokenization of a four-million-euro bond,financial services provider Auto1 FT is enabling faster settlements, morecost-effective transaction fees and advantageous interest rate structures. Withthe collaboration, iVE.ONE and Auto1 FT accelerate digital innovation andachieve another important milestone for alternative financial instruments onthe blockchain.

With successful activities in the mobilityindustry worldwide, Auto1 FT GmbH launched in collaboration with Auto1 Group in2017 and has since established itself as a leading platform for innovative,financial solutions in the international car trade. The new digital bond increases Auto1 FT’sworking capital and enables the expansion of the business. The investments aretokenized using blockchain technology, meaning they are digitally securitized.This will significantly increase market efficiency.

“Auto1 FT is pleased to be an innovation driverin the industry, applying technology for the benefit of customers with anautomated End-to-End and now with this Tokenization financing taking a leapforward,” says Taimur Andre Rashid, CEO of Auto1 FinTech. “On all levels wecooperate with highly professional partners and have therefore been able tocompile this offering in record time with considerable interest ininternational markets.”

The implementation of digital bond issue will beexecuted by iVE.ONE. The issuing and investment platform, which is among themarket leaders, enables global trading of digitized securities within the legalframework on blockchain. Sales is handled by the securities trading bank RenellBank, an experienced partner of iVE.ONE.

“We are excited towork with Auto1 FT, an innovation pioneer in the auto trading industry, toprovide the digital infrastructure for the issuance of their first digitalsecurity in auto trading,” said Phong Dao, CEO and Co-Founder of AgoraInnovation.

The trend of digitalassets remains strong and continues to capture more and more sectors in thefinancial world, “We have done several crypto securities issuances in 2020and have noticed that the market is maturing in areas ranging from regulationto technical infrastructure. With our platform iVE.ONE, we see ourselvesleading this segment,” Phong Dao added.

Highly compelling asset with high security and shortmaturity

Auto1FT supports vehicle dealers in the purchase of used vehicles. By financing thepurchase price until resale to the customer, dealers have significantly moreliquidity and can generate higher sales.

Withthe digital bond of four million euros, Auto1 FT offers an innovative financingsolution for the used car market. With a term of maturity of one year and anattractive interest rate of 5 percent, the bond is aimed exclusively atprofessional investors. The minimum investment is 200,000 euros.

Thanksto blockchain technology, the deposit is secure and enables faster transactionsand lower fees. Investors also benefit from a number of other risk mitigationmeasures, such as detailed dealer scoring, risk pooling and the deposit ofvehicles as collateral.

Risk note: The acquisition of the investments mentionedabove is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete lossof the invested assets. The minimum investment amount for these investments isEUR 200,000 per investor.

This press release does not claim to containall information necessary for the evaluation of the offered investment.Potential investors who wish to invest in this asset as lenders of thetokenized subordinated loan are requested to use the opportunity to ask theissuer questions in advance, to obtain information from independent sources andto obtain expert advice if there is any uncertainty as to whether a loanagreement should be concluded.

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