EMERGE 2021 Calling all Argentinian, Chilean, & LATAM startups: An Entrepreneurial journey that…


EMERGE 2021 Calling all Argentinian, Chilean, & LATAM startups: An Entrepreneurial journey that starts within Hessen with us

AHK Argentina — Cámara de Industria y Comercio Argentino-Alemana together with Mainstage Incubator and Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH presented today an initiative called EMERGE 2021.

The initiative, a platform and event happening in July 2021, has a clear focus and aim to support Argentinian, Chilean, & LATAM startups to strive their scaling into new markets, with a focus of having Hessen and Germany as an entrance point into Germany and Europe, but also to the world.

EMERGE 2021 is from today accepting applications from all Argentinian, Chilean, & LATAM startups till the 15th of June. No industry focus is required, but a special focus in FINTECH, BIOTECH, AUTOMATIVE-LOGISTICS is considered a plus.

The initiative will offer a chance for the participants to anchor their startups in Frankfurt and then scale globally. The participants will compete for perks over $10,000 including the renowned acceleration program with Mainstage Incubator, and many more attractive prizes/resources that will help all startups to reach their full potential.

In addition, during the event, all stakeholders and participants will benefit from multiple networking and matchmaking opportunities.

The deadline for registrations is set for the 15th of June.

After multiple screenings and evaluations, the finalists will be revealed on the 5th of July.

The shortlisted startups will then participate in the Grand Finals on the 20th of July 2021.

According to Julieta Barra, Head Of Foreign Trade @ German-Argentine Chamber of Industry & Commerce, and representative of Hessen Trade & Invest in Argentina, “from the moment of their foundation Latinamerican start-ups aim at international markets, but usually tend to look to the US or Israel. It is time we show the amazing potencial that the Federal State of Hessen offers as an entry point to Europe and other markets. Its ideal investment conditions and key innovation ecosystems can greatly contribute to their international expansion. ”

One of the goals is indeed for Startup Hunters, Investors, Accelerators, and Innovation Leaders from Frankfurt and Germany to find a great opportunity to develop business with startups that have excellent resources and low operating costs due to the ideal conditions presented by countries such as Argentina and Chile.

Swen Wegner, CEO at Mainstage completes: “Our message to all LATAM startups is: Emerge2021 is a great opportunity! Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality, upgrade your conviction and match your destiny. WE can offer your startup the resources needed to get there!

Launch your startup globally — Showcase your game-changing solutions and products to a global audience of major investors, industry leaders, and thought leaders!”

Pedro Ferreira, CPO and International Advisor at Mainstage Incubator also adds: “At Mainstage Incubator, we have supported different LATAM startups during the past months. In fact, some of our employees share not only the language but also the culture and the mindset. Naturally, that has gotten us to be more involved with the LATAM ecosystem and invest our time and passion in this initiative to solidify our footprint and relations with LATAM startups.”

The initiative has a network of different ecosystem partners and stakeholders both in Argentina, Chile but as well in Germany, Europe and globally such as AHK in Chile, Google for Startups, Incutex, AreaTres, Bolsa de Comercio do Rosario, Frankfurt Valley, and many others.

The last question is: Are you ready to make the pitch of a lifetime?

To learn more or to apply, visit EMERGE 2021

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