fitpool – new sports App founded and launched in Frankfurt am Main


fitpool – new sports App founded and launched in Frankfurt am Main

No matter if you are looking for a Personal Fitness, Yoga or Boxing Trainer– with the new fitpool app you are just a few clicks away from finding and booking a suitable trainer.

fitpool provides very straightforward trainers that are available at the date/time you want to practice, that speaks the language you want, fit in your budget and are nearby or online.

For the beginning fitpool focuses on the greater area of Frankfurt am Main.
Founder Franziska Kilian came up with the idea in the middle of 2018 when she tried to book a Trainer for herself and determined how time consuming and inefficient the process was for both sides. Kilian, who was working before as Senior Business Consultant for digitalization and process optimization, describes her app as a platform that connects trainers and their customers: „fitpool brings supply and demand together. Time consuming research belongs to the past“, the founder said.

And why has she choosen Frankfurt am Main as basic location for her company? „As geographically small, but very sporty metropolis with a big catchment area, Frankfurt is the perfect playground.“

Beside the digital booking feature and extensive filter options, fitpool brings a lot more transparency to the opaque market of Personal Training. Ratings about a trainer can only be left after a real training took place, what increases the reliability against ratings on google or trainer’s websites.

Each trainer decides individually which training spots and prices he wants to offer, even free trials are bookable through the app. If the offered packages don´t fit the wishes of the user, he can request an individual offer from the trainer with only a few clicks.

fitpool‘s users can book trainings in their own home, premises of the trainer, outdoor, online or in public studios. All offered training spots of one trainer are displayed in a digital map on each profile including the distance to user’s current position.

Personal trainers get with the fitpool app and connected SaaS a tool to manage their business fully digital through one channel. „Appointment coordination, Marketing, invoice and payment proccesses are all managed by fitpool. Trainers do save a lot of time and money with automated processes.“

Franziska Kilian is the single founder of fitpool GmbH. After her degree in business administration she tried out various fields: from gastronomy, sales management, project management and business consulting. She spent the last 5 ½ years with consulting companies in digital transformation but she could never imagine herself forever in consulting. She seized the idea for fitpool and works hard on it since beginning of 2019. And where, if not at the sports location Frankfurt, would the chance be higher to write a real success story of her start-up?

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