Insiders: Meet Leverice one of the Mainstage Portfolio startups


Insiders: Meet Leverice one of the Mainstage Portfolio startups

Insiders is a section where we cover profiles, projects and startups from the Mainstage ecosystem. Today we introduce you to Leverice, one of MSI Portfolio startups.
Leverice is the only deep-threaded, structured messaging platform that lets your team focus on what matters. Learn more about the project with Mac Chhatriwala.

Mac, tell us a bit about yourself, your story, what do you do at Leverice?

Originally from Mumbai where I grew up and completed my studies in IT and Finance. Now settled near Oxford, UK with a young family.

I wear different hats at Leverice ranging from Marketing, Sales, Product, Finance and sometimes dabble a little bit into the engineering side, when the team lets me!! This is what being a co-founder means, rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in, and I thoroughly enjoy it. We are also extremely lucky to have a great team around us that follows the same principle.

What is the big issue that you and your company are addressing and what value do you bring to your clients that other competitors fail to?

Messaging tools were meant to get rid of emails and make us all super efficient! However, they not only failed to achieve this, but actually made it worse for team productivity by introducing unstructured spaghetti communication that often distracts you.

We have built a deep-threaded, structured messaging platform that unifies messaging, collaboration and business processes, that allows you to focus on what really matters.

Can you highlight some big achievements you reached so far?

Since our launch late last year, we have reached nearly 10,000 users across different industries and use cases, growing at an average 300% MoM.

We have successfully signed up strategic partners in Asia, Europe and Africa with access to 250k additional users.

How did you meet Mainstage and how is Mainstage supporting Leverice?

As we were getting ready to launch the product, I was looking for strategic partners to springboard our growth. For startups it is about survival early on and you need to grow quickly in order to do that.

It started with a casual chat with Debasis on a lazy Saturday afternoon followed by a more formal conversation with both Swen and Debasis. I liked the energy, we had good vibes and MSI were doing some cool things for their portfolio companies. Didn’t take us long to sign up!

MSI has supported us with guidance, mentorship, networking, fundraising, partnerships, sales and above all being a friendly reliable voice. In a way, all the key pieces of the puzzle that a startup needs to put together.

We even have a dedicated sales agent with MSI now in India, so have expanded our engagement since joining.

The biggest change or impact you saw in your startup post partnering with Mainstage Incubator?

MSI was the first customer we migrated away from Slack, including the messaging history.

It has been great for Leverice to be part of the MSI family. We have participated in many events across a broad range of topics and it has helped us mature our offering. Being able to have a reliable partner and opening new doors, I would say are the biggest impacts.

Interesting projects in Germany?

Leverice is all about structure and Germans love structure!

One of our first clients was a german space technology startup. They moved from Slack to Leverice and have grown from 5 to 30 people in the past few months. They have more channels in Leverice than we do!!

Rodion, my partner is based in Munich and we have a good customer base there. We are now partnering with MSI and other prospects, in Germany, to expand this base.

What are the next steps or big milestones for your team?

Main focus right now is to work with our strategic partners and complete the planned rollout of the projects that will get us past 100k users with average monthly impressions of more than a million. Watch this space!

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