Fabian Karau and “mysleepmask” immediately found prominent buyers and investors at “Die Höhle der…


Fabian Karau and “mysleepmask” immediately found prominent buyers and investors at “Die Höhle der Löwen”

If you watched episode nine of DHDL, we bet you recognized Fabian Karau from Frankfurt am Main, the initiator of the project and poster It Takes a region, an industrial engineer who has been working as an event manager for more than twelve years. He was the first to pitch his venture in front of the jury of the lions. With his start-up mysleepmask, which he has been running part-time for four years, the Hessian wants to enable people with migraines to effectively relieve pain and to wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

To achieve this, the young entrepreneur, who himself has suffered from migraine symptoms for a long time, developed a sleeping mask made of organic jersey fabric with a unique shape and pockets for cooling or warming pads.

Nico Rosberg in particular, whose wife Vivian has suffered from migraines for years, was very interested in Karau’s idea and bought a mask straight from him — as did Georg Kofler, who was particularly impressed by the darkening effect of the product. Kofler believed that the mask would also find sales among non-migraineurs.

However, Kofler feelt the price of around 55 to 70 euros was “pretty expensive”, Maschmeyer worried about the danger of imitation.

Nico Rosberg and Ralf Dümmel ultimately invested the desired 100,000 euros — for 40 instead of 20 percent of the company shares — as a team.

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The perfect deal

In the founder show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (DHDL) on VOX, Fabian Karau was able to convince investor Ralf Dümmel of his innovation in the TV broadcast on Monday. The mysleepmask sleep mask is now available in the Netto online shop ( https: //www.netto-online.de / … ) and in many of the 4,260 Netto branches * nationwide.

Unique opportunity for new businesses

The cooperation with Netto Marken-Discount gives the start-ups the opportunity to sell their products in a comprehensive Netto branch network and in the online shop and thus to reach more than 21 million consumers. “Netto Marken-Discount gives our founders the opportunity to market their products nationwide and with a wide reach. This partnership has proven to be a major success factor in recent years, ” says investor Ralf Dümmel.

Complete recovery

The mysleepmask sleep mask enables restful sleep in complete darkness. The advantage: Thanks to its shape that surrounds the head and the opaque material, it shields light 100 percent. If you want to isolate yourself from acoustic stimuli, you can also use the earplugs. The material made of soft organic cotton, the foam pads on the ears and removable gel pads in the forehead and neck area, which can be cooled or heated as desired, ensure a high level of comfort. The mysleepmask sleep mask can provide relief from migraines and headaches and is aimed at everyone who values ​​a good night’s sleep. The deal is now available for an offer price of 29.99 euros at Netto.

  • For deep relaxation: mysleepmask combines calm, darkness and cooling in a comfortable, head-encompassing sleep mask
  • Medical product made of soft organic cotton, including ear plugs, gel pads and a storage bag
  • 2x earplugs and 2x gel pads
  • Machine washable at 30 °
  • Also suitable for people with migraines and headaches
  • Available in sizes S / M and L / XL


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