Insiders: Meet Hobby Tribe one of the Mainstage Portfolio startups


Insiders: Meet Hobby Tribe one of the Mainstage Portfolio startups

Insiders is a section where we cover profiles, projects and startups from the Mainstage ecosystem. Today we introduce you to The Hobby Tribe, one of MSI Portfolio startups. The Hobby Tribe is a platform that enables users to learn New Skills — Online LIVE – from the comfort of their Home. Learn more about the project with Joshua Salins

Joshua , tell us a bit about yourself, your story, why did you start The Hobby Tribe?

I am a 21 year old 4th generation entrepreneur from mumbai and I studied BioMedical Engineering. I am a massive hobby enthusiast, I play multiple instruments, I sing, Love art/craft and theatre. From a very young age I have been engaged in extracurricular activities. Having been engaged in these activities it has modeled me into the person I am today. I used to teach music to my friends and family for a small fee back in university. While doing that I released people are eager to learn a new hobby however life catches up to them. They either found it difficult to make time for their hobby, the commute was a problem and the cost involved to pursue your hobby was a huge financial commitment. I wanted people to get back into pursuing what they loved.

Being a musician myself I knew friends who were looked down upon by society because they teach music or do what they love to earn a living. I wanted to break the stereotype that only being a doctor or engineer will give you a secured future. Hence I wanted to build this company to help Musicians, Artists and Hobby Enthusiasts alike by providing a platform where they can earn a living doing what they love and feel a feeling of belongingness. While also upskilling the world in the hobby space by making hobby learning easier and more accessible than ever.

Doing this solo for a while I knew something was still missing, the bridge to connect the gap between the hobby enthusiast and a world of possibilities needed a medium. I achieved this medium by not being an I, but a we. I Roped in my friends Mr Guarav Mirchandani and Mr Charles William who are now Co-Founders at The Hobby Tribe.They converted my dream into one of the first Hobby Tech company by building the entire web application, Tech and also helping out in the entire business operations

What is the big issue that you and your company are addressing and what value do you bring to your clients that other competitors fail to?

Science says 90% of the world’s population has at least 1 hobby. Learning your favourite hobby makes you more productive, more proactive and less prone to mental stress. But because ; These classes are very Expensive Hobby classes generally cost Rs 800–1000/session. The timings do not match Classes at difficult to reach places, which adds to travelling expense. all this becomes a huge financial commitment. It also is a huge task to find the right teacher. In short I like to say the problem is the 3 T’s (Time , Travel, Treasure). Another very big problem in society is people who wish to make a career as a hobby enthusiast are often looked down upon by society (eg Musicians/artists etc). Taking all this into consideration we founded the hobby tribe, your one stop solution to pursue all your favourite hobbies in the comfort of your home. We like to call ourselves the ‘AMAZON.COM’ of the Hobby World. We provide classes at a budget rate of only Rs 187.5/session (2.10 euros). Selectively filtered tutors to nurture your Favorite hobbies, Class timings at your convenience, Rent-able hobby accessories for no financial commitment dropped at your doorstep, Online Live hobby classes so you are engaged with what’s happening. All your favorite hobbies in one place (currently we have 40+ hobbies)

Can you highlight some achievements you reached so far?

Been featured in one of America’s biggest news channels NPR news.

Out of 5000+ startups we came top 15 pan India

Came 2nd out of 150+ startups pan india at GSEA EO (Entrepreneur organization) Jaipur

Was the top 5 finalists in the EO National Finals

Was rated as on of the top edtech startups in Mumbai (India)

Incubated by Mainstage Incubator is our biggest achievement yet !

How did you meet Mainstage and how is Mainstage supporting The Hobby Tribe?

I (Joshua Salins) was one of the finalists at EO (Entrepreneurship Organisation) Nationals Championship and Mr Swen Wegner was one of the jury members. I started pitching, while doing so Mr Wegner seemed to be the happiest. He complimented me on my enthusiasm and instantly developed a fondness for me and the company (I know that because i’m currently doing this interview, I felt it then, I know it now haha). I remember calling him ‘sir’ so many times which he absolutely hated, and I thought well there goes my chances of winning now. After the event he immediately shot me a message and said “Lets connect, Really interested to learn more and see how Mainstage can support you.” We may have not won the competition, but we sure did win the heart of mainstage and now with their help Billions of people world wide with our services. Now Mainstage is helping us in building an international standard application and company to take on the world and become a future Unicorn.

The biggest change or impact you saw in your startup post partnering with Mainstage Incubator?

Its too early to say but since the time we began, we have raised funding which was taking us so long to get, connections to many international markets, bucket loads of knowledge and wisdom, Guidance from the best of the best in the respective field and most important of all accountability, without which we had a very hazy track ahead. All in all now our direction has been cleared the fog has been lifted and we are going full steam ahead. We are proud to be a Portfolio company with MSI.

What are the next steps or big milestones for your team?

Conquering international markets, Becoming the next Unicorn, Creating a world wide hobby ecosystem of Hobby Enablers and Hobby Learners

Plans for Germany?

Deutschland, wir heißen Sie in diesem neuen Stamm willkommen. Ihre One-Stop-Lösung zum Erlernen all Ihrer Lieblingshobbys ist endlich da!

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