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Introducing Mainstage Incubator Australia: The consequence of persistence, hard work, and unparalleled vision!

Initially, Mainstage Incubator was focused on building bi-directional “Innovation Bridges” between India & Germany. But Mainstage is built on the belief that businesses thrive when everyone works together towards a common task or goal, and as a result of this Mainstage Incubator soon became an iconic global brand. The launch of Mainstage Incubator’s Australian Entity is just another feather in the hat and truly another step taken towards expansion and enhancing our global reach.

Mainstage Incubator is growing as a company, our technology has evolved, we are constantly trying to acquire new areas of business, and we are proud to announce this new entity as a part of the progressive evolution of Mainstage Incubator. Mainstage Incubator Australia is established to work with the Australian startup ecosystem & investors with the aim of bringing global collaborations to them. The Australian Entity is a joint venture specially designed to satisfy the existing expectations of what Mainstage stands for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward through acknowledging the global vision of the company.

“It has been a fantastic year for Mainstage Incubator even with the vigorous onslaught of a global pandemic we have expanded and adapted quickly yet profitably. The aim remains to LEAD, DISCOVER, PIONEER, & INSPIRE and Mainstage Incubator Australia reciprocates that goal” says Swen Wegner, Founder & CEO of Mainstage Incubator.

Exciting times ahead at Mainstage and we can’t wait to spread our wings and discover various other avenues that stimulate growth and value. Do visit our website Mainstage-Incubator or connect with us on LinkedIn — Mainstage Incubator for any queries or propositions

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