APAC Special: TSI-Mainstage Fundraising Event


TSI-Mainstage Fundraising Event

Mainstage Incubator (MSI),believes that Innovation and Entrepreneurship are the driving forces of economic growth and social development in today’s modern society and ultimately, there shouldnt be geographical barriers to that. The TSI-MSI Event 2021 was focused on connecting startups from the developing regions of Southeast Asia to business experts and investors from the USA and the UK where they could share their ideas, trends and business opportunities to enrich the business community and to build and an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for startups from the Southeast Asia Region.

The event was planned on a massive scale with a panel decorated with business veterans, reputed investors, and applications flowing in from all across the SEA Region. The 25 shortlisted startups showed a kaleidoscope of innovative and ambitious ideas. The event was focused recognizing the potential success of the startups beyond just financial gains. The shortlisted startups went through several rounds of panel discussions and eliminations & after taking into consideration all aspects of the startups they were narrowed down to the 7 finalists.

The event kicked off with the introduction of the MSI — TSI Partnership and the opportunity and potential shown by the bright yet underrated startups from SEA Region that gave birth to this event.

Then it was finally time for the moment everyone was waiting for, while it was early in the morning for the seven finalists from Indonesia, Vietnam, & Sri Lanka, they knew what was at stake. The lack of sleep was clearly absent as the chosen ones were filled with enthusiasm and the hunger to scale globally, they were ready to pitch!

They were positioned in a Shark Tank like environment where they made their final pitch in front of the investors from The USA & The UK. The energy levels were high throughout and the event was packed with perspective building insights, competition, unmatched grit and determination.

The startups exceeded everyone´s expectations, with some already proven in terms of revenue generation by grossing over a million dollars and all of them solving crucial problems and having a huge impact on their regions and the world.

Needless to say, the investors were impressed with the quality and dynamism of the quality of startups that was on display. All the way from cleaning the world, to making it a better place for single moms, the event had it all.

The investors provided valuable feedback to these startups on the areas they might have to work on, the ways they can enhance their revenue, and the impact they are leaving behind.

This inaugural edition of the TSI-MSI Event was a huge success. The success of the event and the potential impact it can have on a region and its startup ecosystem gave all the stakeholders the confidence to plan frequently and for different developing regions of SEA.

Highlights of the event will be posted on YouTube channel from Mainstage Incubator. Please do subscribe and follow all of their social media channels for more of such events and collaborations or visit our website Mainstage-Incubator.


Schoters (Ed-Tech) — Indonesia


The misconception that overseas education is only for the wealthy, and the complexity of getting information about the admission processes.


Schoters wants to help students get all the information they need to study abroad, also to provide end-to-end services that include admission/test/language preparation.

Company traction so far → 500,000 users, Revenue US$820k (2020), and hundreds of students admitted to top universities in 30+ countries.

Virtual Desire Events (Event Marketplace) — Vietnam


The difficulty of vendors and event management companies to scout for clients.


VDES brings them together on one platform and makes it extremely easy and efficient to plan and organise any event.

Started in 2017 and based out of Vietnam, they have had huge success in onboarding vendors and clients.

Waste4Change(Waste Management) — Indonesia


Indonesia is known as the second biggest marine pollutant in the world with 63.6M tons/years of waste produced, this is perpetuated by the broken value chain of waste management.


Waste4Change comes as a start-up who brings integrated informational technology solutions to solve Indonesia’s waste management problem by leveraging end-to-end operational and strategic services.


They are tapping into a huge impact and growing market in Indonesia with potential to be replicated in South East Asia and other developing economies.With the experienced teams, they work to achieve their mission of solving circular challenges and a zero-waste environment in Indonesia.

Ethis (FinTech | Real Estate) — Indonesia


ETHIS is a regulated FinTech P2P company in Indonesia, they match investors to projects with social impact and healthy profit. Using a crowdfunding model they allow retail investors to participate in projects that are usually only available to large institutions.

They initially focused on financing the affordable housing sector. During the pandemic, they adapted and kept growing by also supporting the SMEs to get access to funds so that they are able to scale and create jobs. To date they have managed to channel more than USD 14million for SME businesses, also providing a proper shelter to more than 9,000 low income families in Indonesia.

Urban.lk (E-commerce) — Sri Lanka


A Sri Lankan tech startup with an E-Commerce platform that focuses on product quality, service and sustainability. With 5 years of operations in the market, Urban has improved its business model to increase sustainability and scalability.


While expanding in Sri Lanka , Urban is venturing into the global markets through art and apparel with local manufacturers and will open its UAE store next Month.

They are venturing into the NFT market using digital arts from the gallery section with the first transaction taking place next month.

Hawking Network (FinTech) — Vietnam


This FinTech startup is a competition to companies like PayPal, TransferWise, Western Union, etc. Providing seamless cross border transactions for businesses, they have done over USD 40 Million in transactions during their pilot. Now, they have signed up agreements with various companies to enable cross-border transactions.

MomWork (Social Impact | FoodTech) — Indonesia


Self sustainability is extremely important for a family in a developing country.


This startup helps single moms open a home set cloud kitchen and collaborate with food delivery companies. Their mission is to help single moms staying at home generate income and become entrepreneurs of their own.

By partnering with various food delivery companies, they have figured out their supply chain. Now, it is time to execute the mission.

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