An Innovative and Original Approach Arising from Pandemic, NFTs and Breath


Breathe With Me — World’s First Collectible Canned City Air NFTs Around The Globe

Digital Consultant and Breath Coach Anil Altas Brug from Germany, and Video Artist Atil Altas from Belgium, present innovative and rare digital art Collectible NFT Video Cards using the relationship between NFTs, digital collection, cryptocurrencies, pandemic and breath. The third lockdown period is on the agenda again. We have all missed traveling to different cities and countries and, of course, taking deep and healthy breaths without wearing a mask.

Breathe With Me — World’s First Collectible Canned City Air NFTs Around The Globe

– If we can’t travel to see, experience and feel our favorite cities around the globe at the moment, why not collect their canned air NFTs. These unique Collectible NFT Video Cards are specifically designed to relieve stress, cure homesickness and help fighting nostalgia. They are made by careful hands just for you. Breathe with me in your favorite city. The project will be launched on World Breathing Day on Sunday, April 11th.

Examples of air canned NFT’s include Times Square, Moulin Rouge, Trevi Fountain, Atomium, BioNTech SE, Römerberg or Frankfurt Main Tower — they represent the colors and the humor of these innovative digital art video cards. Anil Altas Brug tells the story of the project as follows: ‘In March, I was going to Brussels to see my brother, whom I had not seen for a long time. I was shocked by the news of a newly mutated virus from France. Belgium had decided to close its borders and Germany had put in place new measures that made travelling even more complicated. Then, in this chaotic situation, after some breathwork and meditation sessions, the NFT’s crypto art project emerged that I had been talking about for a long time with my brother, Atil. In fact, many of the concepts we have talked about for years are based on crypto art, collectables and Breathe with me — World’s first canned air city NFTs Video Cards.

In this rare digital art project, the cities and locations have been selected according to the results of a research made with 1000 people from 40 countries. The participants have been asked questions like ‘When everything is back to normal and you have enough money to spend,where would you like to go in the world? Which travel destinations are most tempting for you?’

Atil Altas explains why Turboslow Creative NFT LAB chose to develop the creative process through NFT and crypto art as follows: “Digital collectibles take blockchain technology to completely new areas outside of standard financial applications. By representing physical assets in the digital world, NFTs have the potential to be an important part not only of the blockchain ecosystem but also the wider economy. It is very exciting that we are creating new, innovative and unique products using this promising technology. We plan to add new locations from around the world and also from space to the collection soon. We have already been receiving amazing posts and messages from all over the world. It makes us feel like we are on the right track.”

You can reach the project from the links below..

Breathe With Me Video Cards


Breathe With Me City Cards

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A super highlight as well that 10% of the proceeds from the project will be donated to save the Amazon Rainforest, which is home to three million trees and animals on earth. Amazon Rainforests known as the lungs of the world.

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