Meet a Founder: Debasis Chakraborty


Meet a Founder: Debasis Chakraborty

Today we want you to meet one of the Founders of Mainstage Incubator, our joint-venture partner. Debasis is an Entrepreneurial Business Leader with distinct skills on Business Model Innovation and Sharp Execution with special emphasis on Tech, Customer Acquisition & Engagement, Ecosystem creation. He has a proven track record in Managing and Scaling Tech-enabled Businesses and on top of supporting all the startups working with Mainstage Incubator, he is also a Mentor at AIC Raise, AIC RNTU & AIC DSU, and International Partner at WBAF and an Ambassador at GINSEP.

Tell us shortly your story as a Founder?
My Entrepreneurial life started a decade back. My first startup was in the E-commerce space in 2011. I exited that business in 2014 and started my 2nd startup in the Social Commerce space. I ran it for 5 years and have hibernated it now. While I was doing my 2nd startup, I was mentoring and advising many start-ups, Incubators. Mainstage was a result of one such glorious coincidence.

When and How did you “linked” to Germany and Mainstage Incubator?
I met Swen sometime in 2018 and we decided to collaborate in building a cross border economic corridor between India and Germany. We also did a couple of projects together. Come 2019, we decided to formalize our engagement and broaden our scope of work. That’s how Mainstage Incubator was born headquartered in Frankfurt. Steadily over the months, MSI has become a Global Mesh of Innovation Bridges.

Can you tell us the biggest milestones achieved in the last year?
2020 was a watershed year for most of the world. But for MSI, it was the year of formation & rapid acceleration. The so-called ‘New Normal’ was the Normal for us. I would reckon 2 key highlights during 2020:
Establishing Mainstage as a Brand amongst the Global players.
Our startups are raising money in spite of a dull investment atmosphere.

Are there any “big” achievements foreseen in the upcoming weeks-months that you can disclose?
There are some big milestones planned in 2021. At a top level, all I can reveal is Mainstage will set foot in multiple countries this year so that we can truly create a global ecosystem.

You have been working with multiple hubs, what would you advise the German ecosystem to improve?
One of the syndromes which all startups suffer from globally is called the ‘Myopic Warp’. The product or the solution which the startup is building, typically tries to solve a local problem. Though the product may have global applicability but the founders are unaware of that. This constricts the TAM in a big way and it also restricts the product development plans. My sincere advice to all German Startups will be to break out of the ‘warp’ and start building ‘Global Products’ and hence Global companies.

If any (GLOBAL) Founder would ask your best advice today, what would it be?
My advice to a founder will be to
> NOT do a startup if you are tired or stagnated of your job, or if you don’t like your boss
> NOT do a startup if you just want to raise money and create valuations
> NOT to do a startup if you have a Backup plan

You must do a startup if you believe in your idea with all your senses & conviction. You would walk/run to any extent to make it a success. As an investor and a mentor, this is the main trait I look for in a startup founder.

When can we meet you in Frankfurt?
I would have already been in Frankfurt if Covid wouldn’t have locked us down. I intend to be there in August this year (again Covid Permitting). But I am available 24/7/365 for any kind of virtual meetings.

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