Female Founders Talk — International Women’s Day 2021


Female Founders Talk — International Women’s Day 2021

To celebrate the IWD 2021, we are supporting our strategic partner Unibator and their Female Founders, so natuarly, they are on our spotlight today (and always).

Together, we selected four great role models, that will be sharing their stories on a virtual event, that will be streamed live on Facebook later tonight: https://www.facebook.com/events/436746427583806 — Join us!

But to warm-up for the event, we interviewed Vera Claas from MentalStark, Julia Vollendorf from eDon, Talina Müller from The Candleporn and Rebekka Steil from Rootify.

Lear more about them bellow.


Vera Claas from MentalStark: CFO, graduate in business administration

Vera studied business administration and gained banking experience at Förderbank NRW. She has the necessary “tools” to manage a company (accounting, financing, internal controlling, corporate organization and planning).

In more than ten years at the consulting firm LPA GmbH, Vera has gained a great deal of expertise in the management of IT projects, leading teams of up to 15 developers and consultants. In doing so, she and her team successfully implemented IT projects with >1000 developer days “in time and budget”. Former colleagues and customers appreciate her as a “go-getter” who navigates safely and rises to top form when things get stormy. She is one of the rare female part time founders — as she is working full time as sales/product manager for Deutsche Börse.

Vera is CFO at MentalStark and is responsible for finance, controlling and organization. Vera is an experienced leader, has strong antennae for the team situation and high problem solving skills. She organizes regular team and strategy coaching sessions. Depending on the need, she moderates these herself or involves external experts.

She loves hiking and spending her leasure time outside. The more remote the better. Even though she knows Taunus by hard her favorite mountains are the Himalayas and the Alascan Range.

Tips and Advises:

Don’t let anybody tell you what you can or cannot do!
Talk to others about your passion, your idea. Especially talk to women. Don’t be afraid of what they might think. Most probably, they will admire you for having an idea and sharing it with others at the first place. And then, especially women, will start thinking out loudly, how they can help. Whom they know who might be a valuable network partner. Etc.
Try to find yourself a team. Being a single founder is exhausting.
Don’t challenge yourself to much. Founding a company is a marathon not a sprint. Stay self aware. Manage your recources. And also take conscious breaks from time to time. You’ll probably need a lot of staying power.

ChoseToChallange: What would I like to see changed:

My heart brakes each time I see a woman giving up their own happiness and health in favor of her familie’s happiness. I think this happens a lot through education and social pressure. Why?

Why do we still tell our little girls Cinderalla fairytales instead of Pipi Langstrumpf? We, the lucky, liberated, self reflected women, should encourage others to embrace happiness and self-determination with both hands. In private, we can do so ourselves each and every day. But in order to change the big picture, we need to make sure women are represented by women partially in each and every influential area of society. Maybe not 50/50. But with a reasonable share.

Julia Vollendorf from eDon

Julia is passionate about making the world a better place. She finished her B.A. in political sciences at Philipps University of Marburg while simultaneously completing a training program as an asylum counselor for refugees. Besides doing fieldwork for NGOs (e.g. in a rescue center for girls in Kenya and UNHCR Germany), Julia also brings first hand experience in face-to-face fundraising to the table and has worked in marketing and fundraising for UN Women Germany. Today Julia is the founder of the sustainability software agency edon -electronic donations.

Tips & Advises for Female Founders
Spend more time imagining how your life would look like, if everything went perfect, than how it would look like, if anything went wrong. Do you like the prospect? Believe that you can make it and that you can learn what you don’t know yet along the way.
Do not be afraid to ask for help with topics you are not an expert in.
Ask yourself honestly if the passion for your project is big enough to endure disappointments and heavy work load.

Set personal limits for your health and well-being.
Just start. Today.

Julia Vollendorf

And since the theme of International Women Day 2021 is #choosetochallenge — what
would you like to see changed?

I’d like to see a world where turning your transaction into a sustainability commitment feels
completely natural to everybody.

Talina Müller from The Candleporn

When she pursued her Bachelor’s studies at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht she already founded her first company besides studying. Proudly she can say that the project successfully failed in the first run due to several reasons, however, this resulted in positive learnings that now can be applied for The Candleporn. Currently, she is also pursuing her Master’s degree at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Tips & Advices for Female Founders — When you decide to be an entrepreneur you must be aware of the fact that times are going to be tough. As a founder, you are going to learn, grow, and impact your surroundings. In particular, as a startup without investors or business Angels, financial resources can be very hard. But the ride is worth it!

My advice would be to get in touch with founders, remain flexible for the future and lastly learn as much as you can! Talina Müller

Also: Feel always free to send her a mail for a virtual tea. 🫖

And since the theme of International Women Day 2021 is #choosetochallenge — what would you like to see changed? More Female Founders and women cheering each other up! 💪

Rebekka Steil from Rootify

She is responsible for all operational matters and lately put her focus on marketing, too. She started to give some guidance in the field of financing and ended up as a Co-founder because she got so invested into the topic of offering a new approach towards language learning.

She has a classical finance background. After spending a year volunteering in Bolivia she started the Bachelor in Business Administration as a dual study programm. While working she finished after 3 years and decided to switch into international business. She wanted to make use of her foreign languages and combined her personal interest with her field of study. So she started a double degree Master in International Business and spend 1,5 years in Mainz and 1 year in Argentina to finish her degrees.

Her entrepreneurial journey started with her master thesis in Argentina —She wrote about the funding possibilities of startups in Chile and Argentina with a focus on crowdfunding. Talking to all those inspiring founders she realized that she wanted to found a business myself. And this was when she got to know Ehsan and Rootify.

Tips: Being a female founder is an advantage. The constant underestimation formed my character and is a constant motivation. Not necessarily to show it to other people but to show it to my self. So her advice is focus on ones motivation to start a business and not compare one to others. The only measure that matters is your „past you“.

I recently heard this advice: Do what you love and find a way to make money out of it. This motto made my rethink many decisions and now it a is influencing the decisions to come.

Rebekka Steil

#choosetochallenge: For her the support and attention female founders get lately is a great point to start but she truly hopes that we can make our way to equality between men and women (in entrepreneurship).

Dont forget to join us: https://www.facebook.com/events/436746427583806

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