Meet a Founder: Rukayyat Modupe Kolawole


Meet a Founder: Rukayyat Modupe Kolawole

On our spotlight today, Rukayyat Modupe Kolawole, that with many years of experience in Investment Banking, Investment and Wealth Management, and over 14 years as coach and advisor, has a mission to help more women of all colours become financially independent and empowered.

Rukayyat is highly engaged in helping women take control of their money, finances, investments and lives through education, coaching, and investing to reach their goals. As a female founder with fiduciary responsibilities, she has experienced what it felt like to be left behind when it comes to financial industry primarily investing. She is passionate about helping other women to reach their goals either through their finances, careers or businesses.

Our partner just released an exclusive interview here:

By the way, she is also the author of Magical Baby. She wrote Magical Baby for her daughter to gradually see babies/girls like herself represented in books which will be useful for self-appreciation and confidence. The book is also available in English, French and Spanish to encourage more kids of all colours to appreciate the beauty of diversity like a rainbow

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