Xperience Plus raises 6 digits seed round to debut Internet of Senses framework


Xperience Plus Pedro Ferreira - Fabrizio Gramuglio
Xperience Plus raises 6 digits seed round to debut Internet of Senses framework

Xperience Plus, a project from eXolve Ltd, the company that focus on enabling people to experience unlimited realities and is the first real-time, interactive, immersive and on-demand experiences enabler, raised a 500.000 € seed round from a group of angel investors to accelerate the advent of the Internet of Senses. X+ created a new framework to enable the Media and Broadcasting Industries to stream not only audio and video but indeed any stimuli available, from taste to smell, from touch to temperature.

According to Fabrizio Gramuglio, Founder and CEO. “This achievement demonstrated that our solution is not a futuristic, sci-fi dream, but it’s a reality that sooner than expected, will disrupt the way we are consuming media. Thanks to trust of our investors, we are able to accelerate this transformation. Our goal is to release our solutions for Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD), real-time streaming and VR/AR/XR environments in the next quarter.”

Pedro Ferreira, Co-Founder and CMO also adds: “X+ is rapidly developing a leadership position in the large and fast-growing market for Internet of Senses, and the creation of an Ecosystem or Alliance with the different stakeholders creates a great opportunity for everyone that is working with us.” As an example of this synergies, X+ envisions different possibilities for devices upselling, has been validating the application in multiple industries, from sports and music to culture, and has warmed up business development for integrations in the SVOD and the VR fields.

eXolve team has a decentralized operation but the main office is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. A global showcase event is planned for Q2, and will enable general public in hubs like New York, Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Sidney, Lisbon or Singapore to experience the proof of concept. This series of events will be done in collaboration with multiple partners such as Singularity University.

Listen to their interview at Startuprad.io here:

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