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Some weeks ago we wrote about Carefuel.

We mentioned the story of the project, highlighted the product and the Startnext crowdfunding campaign.

This week, we want to promote a follow-up and do a deep-dive with the insights from the founder Vanessa Schäfer with a founders perspective.

Before jumping into the interview, let´s start with some numbers and a call to action. This week is the all or nothing for the project, and with the clock counting down the last days, the campaign is only missing 7% of the funding target:

You can support them here:

carefuel – Start the Vitamin Revolution

Vanessa, since some weeks, how has the Startnext campaign developed?
It was quite a journey, but we are very happy about the outcome so far and hope that we will hit our funding goal. It looks promising. We are really thankful for all of our supporters. The feedback from the community about our vitamin revolution is great. And this is really what drives us and pushes us to the end of our campaign. We are almost in the final week of the campaign, so last chance to support us and be part of the vitamin revolution. ?

Why did you choose crowdfunding to finance your idea and what does it take to successfully implement the campaign?

A crowdfunding campaign is a simple financial aid that enables start-ups to build up a brand, especially for larger product development costs. In simple terms, potential customers can pre-order the offered product or support the idea with a free amount. The goal is that the crowd enables the market launch through their support.

To start your crowdfunding campaign, you should take some time for preparation. A successful crowdfunding campaign involves a lot of planning. An authentic and personal video was very important for us. I immediately had an idea in mind, only the execution was a challenge. We turned our apartment into a film set, to produce the video. As in almost every start-up, the budget was very tight. It was a crazy weekend but at the end we had a lot of fun. Another important part of a campaign is the communication. I think everyone will give this advice and it is completely true. It is important to invest some time in setting up a clear communication strategy. There are so many channels to promote the campaign, your own network, social media, press, etc. You need an idea of what you want to do and when. You have to stick to your idea and you need to show perseverance. A campaign is definitely not a sprint it is a marathon. And the most important part is having fun. ?

You are almost at the end of your campaign and very close to hitting the Funding Goal. What comes next?

To be honest, we hadn’t really thought about the end of the crowdfunding campaign. It was all about, how can we reach our goal, what can we do to find supporters etc. So just a couple days ago we sat down to plan the next couple of weeks in case we will reach our goal.

First thing is the production of our Daily Liquid Vitamins. We want our supporters to have the liquids as soon as possible. Next step is the market launch. We are already working on the finalization of the branding, on the new website design as well as the marketing strategy for the first weeks. So, a lot of things to do. Everyday we get closer to the final brand position and to our market presence. This is a dream coming true. We are very excited about the future and the upcoming months.

Our big goal is to create a positive experience and become part of our customers’ self-care routine. In doing so, we want to establish a sustainable brand.

Anything you would like to share with other founders or people thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign?
1. Communication — as I said earlier, communication is key. You need a strategy to reach as many supporters as possible in a very little time. Spread the word everywhere you go!
2. Surprises are everywhere — try to follow every idea or lead. There can always be a surprise around the next corner.
3. Market feedback — your crowdfunding campaign is possibly the first real interaction with potential customers. Try to get as much feedback as possible to further develop your brand strategy.

We have our fingers crossed and we can only say: keep up the good work and a great vibes:

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