ROOMHERO introduces new express offer configurator for (large) projects


The Frankfurt PropTech ROOMHERO has launched a digital and fully automated offer configurator on its website. Interested parties answer a digital questionnaire and in just one day receive a free, non-binding price indication for the furnishing of their major real estate project. The company wants to increase efficiency and give project developers a basis for making decisions about the award.

ROOMHERO is the point of contact for real estate professionals who want to furnish their residential or commercial property. The company offers all interior decoration trades from a single source, from advice and planning to logistics to delivery and installation. The company uses digital tools where they simplify and shorten the set-up process. ROOMHERO is expanding its digital service portfolio with the express offer configurator. Project developers on large projects in particular benefit from the tool, as they save time and money when they award a project.

Norbert A. Apostel, founder and CMO of ROOMHERO, explains: “With the Express offer configurator, we have created a new product that has not yet been found on the market: Developers who know that they want to offer furnished living and initial information about the If you want to keep the equipment and the price, you only have to invest a maximum of 15 minutes with us to receive an offer — and you will get that in a maximum of 24 hours on target group, location and usage concept.

ROOMHERO is a specialist in furnishing residential and commercial properties. The PropTech company offers all real estate equipment services from a single source and at a fixed price — from the first planning meeting to installation. A digital process chain saves time and money compared to conventional processes. Operators of temporary living and working concepts such as coworking spaces, serviced apartments and micro apartments benefit from this in particular. ROOMHERO has already received several awards for its digital excellence and its added value for real estate customers.

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