FinTech Innovators Bring Expertise to Revolutionize EdTech and Rethink Learning


N26 former CTO Christian Rebernik and startup innovator Dr. Thomas Funke join forces to build Tomorrow’s Education with the goal of changing modern education.

“Education needs to be learning-centered, with a focus on creating leaders who are civic-minded, technologically savvy, and have an entrepreneurial mindset.“
– Dr. Thomas Funke, Co-Founder of the new startup Tomorrow’s Education

Today, Christian Rebernik, serial entrepreneur and former N26 CTO, and Dr. Thomas Funke, education innovator and TechQuartier Co-Founder, announced the launch of a new startup, Tomorrow’s Education. This new startup is backed by multiple international investors from the US, UK and Europe.

The venture, a German/Austrian startup, will also unite Berlin and Frankfurt innovation ecosystems as they grow together to form a globally accessible platform for higher learning. The startup will open a learning hub at TechQuartier in Frankfurt.

Tomorrow’s Education is a groundbreaking, completely virtual platform that was created to offer a solution for a broken higher-education system. The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst and a magnifying glass to help better understand the possibilities of remote learning designed without boundaries in geography or imagination.

Tomorrow’s Education is launching its first program in partnership with the WU Executive Academy of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). The program will be accredited by the WU leading to a professional master‘s degree in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology (SET).

The 12-month program encompasses a module-driven learning approach. The central focus will be on Technology Entrepreneurship as well as creating a mission-driven approach to tackling the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Specific subject areas include: Sustainability Foundations, Business and Society, Responsible Leadership and Company Building, Machine Learning and AI Ethics. Along with the challenge-based curriculum, students learn from world-leading mentors who are best in class practitioners in their field.

The planned launch is spring 2021 and prospective students can register their interest in the program at

Tomorrow’s Education will be part of TechQuartier’s community, which numbers more than 350 startups. In addition, Dr. Sebastian Schäfer, educator and Co-Founder of TechQuartier, and Prof. Dr. Andreas Hackethal, academic director of the Goethe University startup center and TechQuartier founding member, are both investors and support Tomorrow’s Education as advisors.

“I’ve learned an incredible lot during the past 4.5 years building TechQuartier. Being surrounded on a daily basis by this community of entrepreneurs and innovators has pushed me to start a venture again,” said Dr. Funke.

For those in the TechQuartier community, this idea is an obvious evolution of Dr. Funke’s experience and reflects TechQuartier’s vision: “We imagine a world in which every person is empowered to master technology and drive innovation to serve humanity.” This belief is not only behind the formation and continued innovation of the TechQuartier, but also the thread weaving the entire startup ecosystem together.

“Our understanding of learning and education needs to be rethought. That’s why we support innovative ideas like Tomorrow’s Education. The combination of cutting-edge technologies and self-directed learning methods seems to be a promising approach to equip the next generation of decision-makers with the necessary skills and values for mastering the challenges of a technology-driven and rapidly changing society. We are happy that Tomorrow’s Education will join TechQuartier’s innovation community,” said Dr. Schäfer.

Find more information about Tomorrow’s Education at

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