espero: Over 750 euros donated for species conservation since the launch of the sustainable…


espero: Over 750 euros donated for species conservation since the launch of the sustainable fashion start-up in August

More than 750 euros in donations have already been collected through the sale of sustainable clothing by the young start-up espero since the launch of the online shop at the beginning of August 2020. The money now flows into various projects for the protection of animals threatened with extinction.

When the young fashion label went live with its online shop at the beginning of August, no one from the team expected such a success.

“I’m really super proud that our fashion has been so well received by the people from day one,” explains founder Tim Weinel.

The direct feedback from customers has shown that the concept and the collections have hit the mark. Tim Weinel wants to make a difference with his fashion. It should not only become more sustainable but also make an impact.

The special thing about the concept of the Giessen-based fashion label is that 25% of the surplus from the sale of the clothes is donated to projects for the protection of the environment and the protection of animals threatened with extinction. In the online shop, under each item, you can see exactly which project is being supported. In some of the garments, the animal protected by the project is also indicated in the motif. This obviously goes down well.

“Basically, we offer classic streetwear for everyone, i.e. clothes that can be worn in everyday life,” says Weinel.

The purchase of fairly certified raw materials already ensures that the goods on offer meet certain minimum standards. To ensure that the goods are not only

fair, but also sustainable, only organic cotton and recycled polyester are used.

“We don’t want to produce fast fashion. It is especially important to us that the items last as long as possible, even if a customer buys less often as a result. For us, that is sustainability.”

So far, customers can find T-shirts at, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants and sports tops.

Since the publication of the online shop at the beginning of August, more than 750 euros have been donated to the projects for the past year. For its concept, the label has projects for the protection of lions, elephants, rhinos, gorillas, and other animals that are victims of poachers. The money will now go to these projects.

Since it has been shown that consumption can be combined with a positive effect, the company wants to reach more people in the new year and inspire many more people with the concept. In addition, the product ranges a little more.

“You should not only feel good every time but also know that you are doing something good with it.”

For more information on espero, please visit:

About espero:

The young start-up from Gießen produces sustainable and fair fashion, which at the same time protects endangered species threatened with extinction. The fashion label donates 25% of the surplus from each item sold to projects for the protection of endangered species. under each individual item in the online shop, you can see exactly where the donation goes and you will find further information and links to the projects that are supported. In this way, the label wants to show that every kind of consumption can also be associated with a positive effect. So if you also want to wear sustainable and fair clothing and thereby protect endangered species, you can find more information here:

About the collections:

So far, the young fashion label offers shirts, hoodies, jumpers, sweatpants, and sports shirts for men and women. All garments offered contain organic cotton or recycled polyester. Organic cotton not only feels softer due to the longer fibers, it also lasts comparatively longer. This is also easier on your wallet. In addition, large amounts of water can be saved compared to the production of conventional cotton. PET bottles, among other things, are recycled for the polyester thus preventing them from entering the ecological cycle in the first place. Even the raw material is certified fair. In addition, all the garments on offer are PETA-Approved-Vegan certified.

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