Wine market for 3000 winemakers


Vicampo — From Mainz to German on-line market leader of wine market

Vicampo offers a Large selection of all types of wine: from red wine to rosé to white wine, there is something for every taste and everyone, and the Mainz startup, positions itself has a non traditional brand, indeed more of innovative, and aims to reaching a younger, wine-loving target audience outside their region, which justifies the rise to become the second-largest online retailer for wines in just seven years.

2020 has been particularly busy for the startup. The corona pandemic also played a major role in this big change and now the company has now more than 3000 winemakers as partners, from more than 24 countries, and more than 19.000 different wines.

Vicampo sales have been on a rising trend ever since the incubation of the company, conquering more than 300.000 happy and loyal costumers. is today a team of 150 wine-loving people that wants to excite people in every aspect. The best adjective to describe it, would be solid, indeed, it´s something quite a constant and interesting story, supported by investors, since in February 2016, successfully concluded the last financing round receiving EUR 5.3 millions, but before in March 2015, also EUR 3.75 million in a growth capital financing round.

One of the founders, Max Gärtner does not hide the fact that his company is benefiting from the corona pandemic in a recent interview to FAZ . The sales have seen a spike in the past year and it is all due to home delivery. What generally applies to mail order during the lockdown applies at least to the same extent to Vicampo: Sales are increasing.

“If the opportunity to drink wine in restaurants is no longer possible, more will be consumed at home,” Gärtner says. He is one of the three managing directors of the Mainz start-up Vicampo, which was founded a good nine years ago and which now offers a platform to more than 3000 winemakers from all over the world and has earned a reliable reputation among wine drinkers with its expert recommendations.

As early as spring, when shops and restaurants had to close for the first time, sales increased by 50 percent compared to the previous year, and in December it should look similar. Gärtner considers this to be more than a short-term effect; the trend was already indicated beforehand. The numbers are an indication that wine drinkers are changing sales channels and buying more online. The corona crisis only accelerated development.

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