The vitamin revolution with carefuel


Meet carefuel — a young brand and eCommerce startup, offering food supplement products.

They want to revolutionize the dietary supplement industry with you. Their innovative liquids give you a unique vitamin experience and you can support the funding of the project here:

But first things first: carefuel is all about you and your new vitamin experience. The founders have developed innovative products to provide a real experience and to easily integrate them into your everyday life. They want to revolutionize the supplement industry with their innovative daily liquid vitamins.

carefuel, was founded by Vanessa Schäfer at the end of 2019.

The company started at the beginning of the year 2020, with classic capsules and vitamin complexes for the needs of a specific target group: women.

After in-depth research and customer surveys, the founder became aware that different and new types of Ingestion were needed.

A unique vitamin experience was yet to be created. Together with their supplier, she developed a novel dosage form.

The liquid vitamin complexes have no limits. You can use it pure, in a smoothie, in water, Yogurt and much more can be used.

Their products come in a 500ml recyclable bottle and supply you for a month. They have currently developed the following 3 products:

Beauty — the vitamin boost for your skin and hair
Their beauty queen consists of natural ingredients and high-dose vitamins and minerals such as biotin and zinc. Your Daily Liquid supports your inner beauty, normal hair growth, the strengthening of your fingernails, and the strengthening of the skin. So you have the perfect beauty kick for your charisma.
In the great Raspberry flavor | White Peach | ginseng

Energy — the energy booster for your lunchtime low
Their energy kick made from natural ingredients and high-dose vitamins such as a vitamin B complex and natural caffeine. Your daily liquid helps you to reduce your tiredness and to maintain your energy metabolism. Just right for your start to the day or at a midday low.
In the great flavor of acerola | Grapefruit | Ginger

Relax — to relax in turbulent times
The bedtime ritual made from natural ingredients such as lemon balm and valerian as well as melatonin. Your Daily Liquid contributes to rapid relaxation and a reduction in the time it takes to fall asleep.
In the great taste of Blackberry | Elderberry | Balm

On top: They want to do something good for you, but also give something back to our society. That’s why part of their income goes to their partner Viva con Agua. With this, they support drinking water projects in Africa together with your help.

At the start of the campaign, they are in the last phase of flavor development. And because they want to develop the best product for you, the taste can still change slightly before the first products are delivered. They will keep you up to date at all times.

You still have more than 1 month to support them in reaching the target funding on Startnext.

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