Savedroid — a controversial but iconic startup that deserved a farewell


Savedroid — a controversial but iconic startup that deserved a farewell

Earlier this week we announced Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG doing a strategic Realignment as a multi-currency transaction platform, that implied as well the discontinuing of the savings app “savedroid — Save yourself happy!” by 31 December 2020.

This topic was as well covered at FinanceFwd in a deep article:

Savedroid, founded in 2015 and that was a flagship project from Unibator, had a great roallercoaster trip, with a “peak”moment in 2018, when even Techcrunch reported about the questionable marketing “gag” to draw attention to the “whole fraud” in the crypto and ICO´s scene.

The company suffered multiple pressures by different stakeholders and was sued several times by investors as result of it.

And this year, another setback with the insolvency of Wirecard —the bank that had been managing the savings accounts of app users since 2016.

Although accompanied by scandals through the years, the CEO Yassin Hankir keeps being an reference in the ecosystem, and it´s not the end of it all. “The discontinuation of the savings app is not a farewell for us, but the start of the product conversion towards a multi-currency wallet that makes the worlds of Euro and Bitcoinconnect “

Indeed 2021 brings TrumpBit:

TrumpBit — the best app in crypto so they say…

As an ecosystem platform that followed Savedroid´s during the years, we have a bittersweet feeling about not doing a farewell to it…but well…it fits 2020…a year to forget.

Goodbye Savedroid — Good luck TrumpBit.

May 2021 bring more innovation and value to everyone.

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