Last Call — local Christmas presents (part II)


Last Call — local Christmas presents (part II)

Last Friday we wrote an article with 10 ideas for Christmas gifts made by local startups and we couldn´t be happier about the feedback.

Therefore, and because there is still some time for extra surprises and sharing appreciation with your friends and family…we curated some additional ideas.

This indeed is our last call, so find eight “local” presents that you can include on your Santa´s list. Enjoy it and happy holiday season, everyone.


The passion for wine and the love of the city are combined in SKYLINEWINES to a wine style that is straightforward and classic and has an uncomplicated signature.

The design of SKYLINEWINES was created together with “Neue Frankfurter Art” — Design vom Main and is now being continued by Julie Gotze with a very personal touch. This creates extraordinary designs and ideas that they want to inspire. They have been producing this in the family’s own vineyards in Rhine-Hesse since 2016 and have been developing the wines with their very own profile under the expert advice of cousin David and Julie’s father Helmut.

SKYLINEWINES — more than a wine label. Handmade on a family winery in Rheinhessen, out of love for the city & metropolitan region of Frankfurt.


The founder behind the Frankfurtliebe fashion label is the photographer Angela Kropp. Angela Kropp founded the Frankfurtliebe label in 2016, which quickly established itself in our favorite city and is now one of the most famous in Frankfurt.

“Especially nowadays we can all take a little more love and, above all, pass it on”, says Angela.

For sure you will find something nice on their website, t-shirts, woodies, scarves, jewelry, and even accessories — check it out.


Notabag emerged as a solution to a specific, real-life problem; tote bags are impractical on a bike. From there came an idea, and the design that eventually became the original tote bag-backpack hybrid. Ranked among the best products in the German and international design landscape, in 2015 they were even selected as Frankfurt’s top 10 startups according to Mattermark’s Mindshare Score, which identified companies whose online footprint was growing the fastest. It´s even an eco-friendly gift— so for sure a wise decision.


Oliver Schoch, known in the photo scene as Olioptic — is a photo-artist from Frankfurt am Main that produces great Pieces of Art — Posters — and Calendars. Simple but beautiful and it is always a great bet. Check it out!


NataHaus = Pasteis de Nata — the name says it all. As a Portuguese person living in Germany, the founder Joana Pizarro, always had the vision to sell this delicious and unique pastry abroad for many years. Sharing and promoting such a cultural trademark is a great responsibility for her to guide and commit herself to bringing you the best Original Pastel de Nata you can find in Frankfurt.

The crispness of the puff pastry added to the deliciously rich cream makes the perfect combination to enjoy any time of the day and year, but Christmas or NYE is a great excuse for sure.


cosnova GmbH was founded in 2001 by Christina Oster-Daum and Javier Gonzáles, and maybe you don’t know it, but is a German company with its headquarters closeby, in Sulzbach (Taunus).

They sell the cosmetics brands essence, Catrice, and LOV .

No longer a startup, employing more than 650 people, but still, the flagship of a success case in the region since the three cosmetic brands are sold in over 80 countries, with Germany being one of the main sales markets. In 2017, the company achieved the highest market share in the German cosmetics market with 35.1% in volume.

Bembel Gin

Bembel Gin combines the traditional Hessian drink with the trend drink gin.

As in Hessen, cider is served in good company from the “Bembel”, a blue-gray stone jug, based on this, they have developed a traditional bottle with a design that can also be seen excellently on every gin shelf. Not happy, they also produced a special edition, and a very unique one, for Eintracht Frankfurt Fans.

Visit their website here


For last but not least a service and not a product, but a very special tip, from an ecosystem partner of us, the platform &ahead.

Founded by Carolina Yeo and Britta Mues-Walter, they offer a digital mid career talent network that supports individuals who are relaunching or in career transition to achieve their career potential. Many of their members are women who are returning to work after a career break from parental leave or a sabbatical.

Enjoy a 20% special Christmas promotion for their coaching programs and forums in 2021 Or support someone you know and give the gift of success. (Promotion ends Jan 31st, 2021). Click for here more details.


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