Meet the three new teams at Unibator


Just before 2020 is over, three new projects are welcome at Unibator.


  • edon
  • WeProfit
  • and Rootify

edon — electronic donations — a digital fundraising agency that wants to make donations easy and flexible for everyone. Donating can — and must — be fun accordingly to the team of founders.

WeProfit that’s aims to connect companies from emerging economies with the potential of international markets — building a marketplace for synergies.

Last but not the least: : Rootify

Every language has similarities even within distinct language families. Their vision is to connect cultures by offering the most efficient learning methodology focusing on what we have in common.

Let’s go back to the roots meet the Founder and vision behind the project here:

Rootify was earlier this year at DHDL and unfortunately, the deal did not stand up. Nevertheless, some achievement and recognition deserved.

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