Christmas gifts made by Frankfurt Valley startups — 10 ideas


Christmas gifts made by Frankfurt Valley startups — 10 ideas

The Holidays Season is here. For yourself, for your beloved ones, colleagues, to donate, or just a secret Santa present, we curated some suggestions of great gifts, products developed and commercialized by local startups and founders in our region.

Some of our suggestions will follow below.

Remember, Christmas works like glue, it keeps us all sticking together.


Most candles are made of paraffin, a waste material from the production of petroleum. These ones are refined with pure high-quality beeswax, on the one hand, to do something good for your health and on the other hand to extend the burning time.

Support the project Candelporn and the founder> Talina Muller.

Christmas Time ✨ Get a 20% discount when you buy at least two candles!

The discount will be automatically applied to you at checkout.


Toddlekind is driven by a belief that childhood should be cherished and playtime should be fun — without having to compromise on interior design. Founded in Germany in 2018, Toddlekind creates children’s interior design products for use on the floor that are both functional and beautiful.

Check-out Toddlekind and the founder Samantha Bruckner


A put-up hinge, a height-adjustable desk, a standing desk, a rack. It is difficult to describe the Standsome, but its usage is all the easier. You’ll just love it. The Standsome consists of four (or five) wooden plates that are easily put together without any screw, spit or kit. It takes 50 seconds, at the most, for lefties and shaky ones. Everyone else will put it together in under 40 seconds.

Check-out Standosome and the founder Leonard B.


Your online diary digital and printed. YAY is the protected online diary for printing. Perfect as a pregnancy diary, baby diary and all of your YAY moments, like trips, or Holiday seasons.

Visit their website here:

Online-Tagebuch digital UND gedruckt | YAY

And meet the founder Imme Scheit


Multifunctional smartphone holder, for every smartphone — flapgrip was specially designed to make daily use of the smartphone more convenient and efficient.


Visit the Flapgrip page and meet the founder Philip Deml

Emma Pillow

Emma Pillows — We know how difficult it is to find a good pillow. That is why Emma has developed the perfect pillow for all types of sleep: individually height-adjustable, maximally comfortable and with an all-round carefree guarantee.

Visit the product page here and meet one of the founders, Manuel Mueller .


The Schlickmeyer face mask is 100 percent organic and consists exclusively of natural components. The trace elements and minerals contained in the North Sea silt have a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect and promote a firmer and younger appearance.

Order now with the voucher code “Wattface” for free shipping

Meet one of the founders — Simon.

Wiesemann 1893

Repair, build or create — you need solid tools of reliably high quality for your projects. With over a hundred years of forging and tool tradition, Wiesemann is one of the oldest manufacturers of hand tools in Germany. WIESEMANN 1893, the digital brand for a new generation of makers, is also innovating, and empowering people like you, The “Creators of Tomorrow”.

Meet the founder Manuel Siskowski


The first online marketplace for biodegradable coffee capsules that are filled exclusively with high-quality, gently roasted organic coffee.

Buy their products on-line here:

Meet the founder Christopher Kielhorn.

Is a bike a family wish? The Fahrrad XXL Group, run 15 gigantic bike stores across Germany for over 30 years, and the online shop, based in Frankfurt am Main, has been completing the group since 2012.

Meet the CEO Farshid Ameli

Visit their webpage here:

Online Shop Fahrrad XXL | Deutschlands größte Rad-Auswahl

If you like our suggestions, if you want more, drop us a line, maybe next week we can unwrap more ideas-products.

Enjoy the holiday season everyone.

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