Virtual Reality in pain therapy — reducing pain without medication


Virtual Reality in pain therapy — reducing pain without medication

Chronic pain can now be treated without medication thanks to Virtual Reality in pain therapy. Thanks to ReliefVR. With the help of the innovative Virtual Reality application, chronic pain patients can be helped to fight pain in a new, effective, and gentle way.

ReliefVR stands for breaking out of the vicious circle of chronic pain. It is based on modern pain models and treats chronic pain where it arises — in the brain. With this method, it is possible to relieve chronic pain non-invasively and without medication.

Virtual Reality (VR) is now used in hospitals in Germany for the treatment of acute pain and with ReliefVR it is also to be used in the area of chronic pain. Chronic back pain, blunt trauma, fibromyalgia, phantom pain, CRPS, and burns are just some of the complaints that can be part of the treatment spectrum after a successful validation study.

When acute pain turns into chronic pain, the usual painkillers are often no longer effective. At this point, new approaches are needed that have a direct effect on the cause of the symptoms. Virtual Reality is one of the most promising and future-oriented methods that are suitable for this purpose. ReliefVR declares war on chronic pain.

Yevgeniya Nedilko heads the team, and they are located in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse.

They are looking forward to partnerships with medical institutions that would like to accompany them on their way.

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