RMV and ioki start on-demand project that is unique in Europe


Shuttle solution for the “first and last mile” to the public transport stop • Around 150 emission-free vehicles in use

The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) has given the go-ahead for one of the largest on-demand transport projects in Europe: From the beginning of 2021, in cooperation with initially nine local partners, it will be possible to book electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles that will allow passengers to stay flexible and Get to your destination without a fixed timetable. Up to 1.8 million people in the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main metropolitan area will benefit from this in the long term. The new offer is based on the needs of the passengers — it is simple, comfortable and environmentally friendly. The intelligent on-demand platform behind the project comes from the DB subsidiary ioki, which was able to prevail as a technology partner in a Europe-wide tender.

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure: “Order digitally, drive comfortably, arrive relaxed: On-demand offers strengthen local public transport and make mobility even more flexible — in the city and in the country. In the Frankfurt / Rhein-Main region, people will be able to switch to emission-free on-demand shuttles next year. That is active climate protection. We are funding this innovative project with 27 million euros. “

“Our goal in Hessen is to make public transport more and more attractive — because buses and trains are climate-friendly means of transport. That is why the state is doing everything it can to strengthen local public transport, with rail expansion and flat rate tickets, ”says Hesse’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Transport, Tarek Al-Wazir. “On-demand shuttles can contribute to an intelligently networked transport system that brings everyone to their destination comfortably and in an environmentally friendly manner. I would like to thank the federal government for the financial support. As a state, we are also committed to the financing agreement with the RMV. “

“The RMV is the first transport association to coordinate an on-demand project across several districts and municipalities across Germany, thus launching one of the largest on-demand projects in Europe,” says RMV managing director Prof. Knut Ringat. “The around 150 emission-free vehicles complement the public transport offer perfectly and offer new travel options for the first and last mile. So we offer a real, environmentally friendly alternative to private cars. “

Sophisticated on-demand platform from ioki

“The intelligent software and thus the heart of the on-demand transport offer is provided by our DB subsidiary ioki. We want to replace single trips in private cars with ride pooling in environmentally friendly vehicles — in line with the climate and traffic transition. Our on-demand offer connects the backbone of sustainable mobility, the classic public transport, with offers of the digitally driven, new mobility and thus creates real added value for the passenger, ”says Berthold Huber, DB Board Member Passenger Transport.

With the on-demand software from ioki, the interests and needs of passengers, drivers and operators alike can be served: The passenger app allows the shuttle to be booked in a user-friendly manner, the driver app provides the driver with all relevant travel information and administration -Tool enables the operator to monitor and manage ongoing operations. Thanks to the ridepooling approach, in which car pools are formed between passengers with a similar start and finish, the intelligent algorithm ensures efficient utilization of the vehicles.

As early as January 1st, 2021, the kvgOF in the Offenbach district will be the first partner to convert its existing on-demand service “kvgOFHopper” to the ioki platform. The other partners will follow in the course of 2021, so that all nine projects will be available locally by the end of 2021. With the uniform app, passengers can then book an emission-free shuttle service seven days a week, which takes them to their respective destination on individual routes. Since the offer is integrated into the existing public transport, the individual journeys only cost a small surcharge on the RMV ticket: For example, those who no longer want to search for a parking space in the Offenbach am Königsee district can travel around 3.5 kilometers to the train station in Seligenstadt for book the shuttle for around three euros.

Close cooperation with local partners

The RMV is responsible for the central coordination of the project. It bundles information, booking and payment and provides customer service. He is also developing a tariff framework for the offers. The local partners are the transport companies and local transport organizations in the cities and districts. These include Frankfurt aM (traffiQ), Offenbach District (kvgOF), Hofheim (MTV), Kelsterbach (LNVG GG), Limburg an der Lahn (City of Limburg), Darmstadt-Dieburg District (DADINA), Taunusstein (RTV), Hanau (HSB ) and Darmstadt (HEAG mobilo). Other partners may be added in the course of the project. The partners control and design the specific offer on site, such as the operating times or the orientation towards certain target groups.

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