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Today, we are lucky to share some insights on Vishal Rai — Founder and CEO of Embold — previously Acellere. Vishal has 18 years of telecom and software industry experience. He is an electronics engineer by qualification. Before founding Acellere in 2009, Vishal was leading the telecom and media business unit in Europe, for Infosys, the reason why he came to Frankfurt. Prior to that, he was based in Seattle leading the team for the telecom business unit in North America for them as well. Vishal’s passion is to industrialize software engineering. He is an alumni of Singularity University, California, and counts upon the founding team of Singularity as advisors for Acellere (now Embold). Let«s learn more about him and his business…

Vishal, tell us a bit about yourself, your story, what connected you with Frankfurt? What do you do at the moment?

I am the founder and CEO of Embold. I came to Frankfurt as a part of my previous job with Infosys. When the idea of Embold (or erstwhile we were called Acellere) came up, since I was already living here, it was a natural progression to start my company in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is a great city, highly underrated, and is one of the finest cities in Germany for expats to live in. It has the right environment of German tradition, but international acceptance of people from outside Germany, which makes it very endearing.

What are the big issues that you and Embold are addressing and what value do you bring to your partners?

One of the biggest issues we are addressing is the lack of awareness in the industry about how serious it has become these days to monitor and address the quality of software that are underpinning billion dollar applications in companies today. We have therefore developed an intelligent state of the art software development platform which supports companies and developers with overcoming these issues in their software and thereby reducing the risk in their business.

Can you highlight some, examples of recent projects you have been working on close by? Or success stories?

Embold is used by users globally from the Americas to Japan. Embold is used as a part of their software development process for developing a variety of applications ranging from self-driving cars to large complex banking and insurance applications. In addition to these large corporations, we also have thousands of individual developers, digital agencies, and startups using Embold to develop products and services with top-notch quality for themselves and also for their customers.

As an international founder, what is your opinion of the development and diversity in the Startup ecosystem in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is a lovely city and offers a very open, conducive environment and diversity for startups. However, if you are having a startup that is into deep tech, then I would advise startups to look at other regions like Munich, Stuttgart, or even the UK or USA as Frankfurt is more suitable for startups in financial services as that is the core strength of this region. One must remember any startup needs a thriving demand environment to experiment and succeed and Frankfurt is not necessarily ideal for all startup types.

Is there something you would like to do, suggestions, or ideas to boost our Hub?

I think the answers are evident, the large corporations who are headquartered in Frankfurt are not necessarily known to be risk-takers when adopting new technology. This is evident by their performance on technology spend and outcomes related to that. Also since they work in a highly regulated environment it is understandable why they do so. However, if they were incentivized to partner with more startups in the region by their boards, government, or any other means, that could help Frankfurt as a hub. I believe other regions like Munich and Stuttgart do this much better than Frankfurt

A curiosity, was your industry or clients affected by Corona?

Interestingly our clients and the industry only grew in these times. We offer a SaaS product used by companies to accelerate their digital journey, faster and safer. So things have been unpredictable yet stable for us, during these times. However this cannot be a precedent for the future and only time will tell when this situation ebbs, as right now it seems no one knows what they are doing including the governments, honestly, because this situation is unprecedented. And I personally feel lockdowns are hurting more than helping and the impact of this will show in the coming years on people, psychologically, which is what worries me more than the economic impact.

Finally, personal and company goals for 2021 can you disclose?

At this point, I will just say that people should take care of their health, focus on their families and themselves, and hopefully, 2021 is a wonderful year for everyone.


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