Digital format Ericsson Eurolab Innovation Pitch launched


– The Ericsson Eurolab Innovation Pitch took place on November 25, 2020 and supplements the annual Innovation Days as a digital format.
– As part of the digital event, the latest 5G innovation topics as well as the research and development expertise of the Ericsson Eurolab and the cooperating locations were presented.
– For the first time, the experts presented a 5G innovation for virtual meetings in which the participants sit virtually at the table via AR / VR.

Yesterday, Ericsson presented a digital supplement to the annual Ericsson Innovation Days at Eurolab Aachen: the Ericsson Eurolab Innovation Pitch. In the interactive webcast for different customer target groups, the company presented the top 6 innovation topics from the Ericsson ICT Development Center Eurolab in Herzogenrath and supporting locations such as Frankfurt and Rosenheim. A 5G innovation for virtual meetings, which was presented for the first time, celebrated its premiere, in which the participants virtually sit at the table via AR / VR.

Like many other events, the Ericsson Innovation Days had to give way to the pandemic as a physical presence event this year. However, the innovation experts at Eurolab Aachen did not allow themselves to be deterred and brought the concept of Innovation Days into digital space in the form of a webcast. The aim of the Ericsson Eurolab Innovation Pitch is to steadily increase awareness and awareness of Eurolab’s R&D innovation capabilities. Furthermore, the virtual webcast format should serve as a first point of contact for future innovation collaborations with customers.

“As the innovative nucleus of our company, we are naturally eager to present our latest developments and applications,” explains Jan-Peter Meyer-Kahlen, Head of the Ericsson Eurolab research and development site near Aachen. “Our work at the Ericsson Eurolab also thrives on the exchange with our telco customers and industrial partners beyond the telecommunications industry. With the Innovation Pitch, this exchange can now also take place digitally.”

An example of these latest use cases in the area of ​​5G innovation are the so-called Ericsson 5G Standalone Native Services for AR / VR meetings. The growth of the mobile AR consumer market represents a new business opportunity for mobile network operators. Previously familiar business meetings can be realized thanks to edge computing and the mobility, capacity and low latency that 5G offers. All the participants need is AR / VR glasses and the virtual conference participants are already sitting at the table as a kind of AR hologram.

– As part of the Ericsson Eurolab Innovation Pitch, the following additional innovation topics were presented in addition to the 5G standalone native services:
– 5G for safer production: Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) at Audi
– 5G for the energy industry: Service-oriented plan for the cellular networks of today and tomorrow
– Automation of contract negotiation for network slicing
– Modernization of production: The 5G Industry Campus Europe
– Antenna innovations: small cellular sites for intelligent 5G cities

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