Cooperation with Cashlink: WIWIN improves the investment process and offers tokenized securities


WIWIN, the leading German online platform for sustainable investments, strengthens its own progress through technical innovations: Investors can now purchase tokenized securities and benefit from a completely renewed investment process. Together with the Frankfurt fintech Cashlink, WIWIN is significantly improving the customer experience and the efficiency of the subscription process. The first campaign under the new conditions was already a complete success.

Last week, WIWIN set a remarkable record: Within a few hours, the platform was able to collect three million euros for the sustainable provider of digital banking Tomorrow. As part of the campaign, WIWIN enabled around 2000 investors to acquire the first sustainable digital security in Germany thanks to an innovative use of blockchain technology. The investors were able to subscribe to participation rights, which are designed as so-called security tokens and thus have the properties of a security. As a result, Tomorrow investors can henceforth benefit from the banking provider’s continued success under comparable economic conditions as professional investors and shareholders.

Cashlink supports WIWIN in technical implementation. The tokenization service provider is one of the leading crypto startups in terms of IT infrastructure for security token offerings. The company was founded in 2016 by Michael Duttlinger, Lars Olsson, Jonas Haag and Niklas Baumstark and is currently based in the FinTech Hub of Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt am Main. Cashlink has set itself the task of digitizing easily transferable company investments. Thanks to its blockchain-based infrastructure, the innovative start-up enables the issuance of digital securities and also creates flexible, easily transferable, and according to German law regulated virtual company investments in the form of profit participation rights.

Based on the Cashlink software, WIWIN now offers its investors an even more uncomplicated and faster investment process. The improved investment process is now considerably shorter and more efficient thanks to the decentralized infrastructure and noticeably increases comfort when investing. A separate custody solution for digital securities within an app will soon complement the offer.

The cooperation between WIWIN and Cashlink goes one step further: Together, the two innovative FinTechs will in the future also be offering the new investment process as a white label solution. This means that other financial service providers and intermediaries can also offer their customers a significantly improved customer experience.

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