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The Global Goals Lab brings people and ideas together that promote sustainable development on an economic, social and ecological level. Up until October 31, startups that work to reduce inequality or good working conditions can apply for support worth a total of 35,000 euros through the initiative. From these, a jury will select the 9 participants in the challenge in Frankfurt

With its 17 goals for sustainable development , the United Nations want to ensure economic, social and ecological development worldwide. Many startups that are active in the areas of sustainability or social issues orientate themselves towards these goals. The Global Goals Lab, a joint initiative by Deutsche Bank and Social Impact, is also based on these goals and supports social entrepreneurs.

In a 6-month program, social initiatives are given the opportunity to network, expert advice on the further development or scaling of their business models as well as the chance of financial support worth a total of 35,000 euros. Until October 31st, initiatives can apply for support one or more of the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): No Poverty, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Good Jobs and Reduced Inequalities.

Process of the Global Goals Lab

Interested social entrepreneurs can apply online to participate until October 31st . All applicants who meet the formal requirements can then take part in a future camp on November 12, 2020. In the digital barcamp, the social entrepreneurs work together with employees of the project initiators on solutions for current challenges in our society. This year, the focus is on the questions of how inequalities can be reduced at home and abroad and how working conditions can be improved.

The collaboration phase follows the future camp. From November 16 to February 26, the participants meet weekly with employees of the project initiators in small groups to support one another and to test innovative working methods. In monthly digital reviews, the participants reflect on their experiences and exchange ideas.

The Global Goals Community then determines their favorites from all participants in the future camp in a public vote. From these, a jury — made up of representatives from Social Impact and Deutsche Bank — will select the 9 participants in the challenge in Frankfurt.

From April 19–22, 2021, coaches and experienced professionals will support the selected social initiatives in developing solutions for specific entrepreneurial challenges. 6 social initiatives qualify for the public pitch for the impact fund, a prize awarded for social startups since 2016. A jury of experts will decide on the award of the total prize money of 35,000 euros.

You can find all information about the Global Goals Lab here .

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