Agicap — From Lyon to Frankfurt


Agicap — From Lyon to Frankfurt

Agicap — From Lyon to Frankfurt

Let´s start with the basics: Agicap was founded in Lyon in 2016 and is a leading FinTech in the field of liquidity planning. The company offers software that enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and decision-makers to carry out targeted and simple liquidity management. All of the company’s financial data is displayed in real time on the software’s dashboard — it is the basis for competent decisions, from hiring to investments. More than 3000 customers from different areas of the economy, including gastronomy, industry, fashion, construction, real estate and agencies, are already using the technology.

In 2020, Agicap received € 15 million from the Series A funding round.

Agicap is headquartered in Lyon, France. Agicap employs 100 people: in two locations.

In Germany, the company plans to be based in Frankfurt am Main.

Innovative real-time technology instead of confusing tables — the French FinTech Agicap now also wants to conquer the German market with its cash flow management software. This offers SMEs a transparent basis for competent financial decisions in the digital age.

Solvency is not only one of the biggest concerns of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in times of Corona. After strong growth in its home market of France, FinTech Agicap is now expanding into the German market with its innovative cash flow management software. This happens exactly at the right time: 75% of SME managers state that they lack transparency regarding their liquidity [1]. FinTech, founded in Lyon in 2016, provides a solution for this: With the SaaS company’s liquidity management software, SMEs can better monitor and forecast cash flow. Over 100 SMEs from Germany are already successfully using the innovative technology.

The software from Agicap analyzes the financial status of a company on a daily basis through direct synchronization with the respective banks. This creates a basis for better decisions — while decision-makers and CEOs can concentrate on their core competencies. On a clear, intuitively operated dashboard, users see all financial data of their company and the resulting liquidity in real time. This creates transparency and improves liquidity planning with reliable forecasts. Especially in economically uncertain times, this technology gives companies an advantage: Thanks to the better overview, managing directors can react faster to financial bottlenecks or prevent them by adjusting the business in good time. Agicap simplifies cash flow management in the areas of gastronomy, industry, fashion, construction, real estate and for agencies. The founders have been in close contact with companies since the development phase in order to continuously improve their solution and adapt it to the needs of the industries.

Real-time data for important decisions at the right time

There are around ten million SMEs in Europe — there was no software specifically tailored to liquidity management before Agicap. A FinTech survey showed that 85% of small business owners still use Excel spreadsheets to plan their liquidity [2]. Users cannot collect real-time data from these, and important decisions often have to be postponed to the end of the month — valuable time is lost in the process. “We brought Agicap onto the market to make the daily work of founders, entrepreneurs and managing directors easier. Nothing has happened in this area for a long time — so it is high time that modern technology replaced confusing Excel tables” says Clément Mauguet, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Agicap. “ Especially in these uncertain times, SMEs benefit from our new software. For example, they can also run through different scenarios for their income and expenditure management, which gives them a great advantage in times of pandemic. “

Many companies have already recognized the advantage of the software: In the past 12 months, Agicap has seen sales growth of 900%. The technology was developed in 2016 by three Lyon-based entrepreneurs. The online tool has been on the market since 2018. The company of the three managing partners Sébastien Beyet (CEO), Clément Mauguet (Co-CEO and Co-Founder) and Lucas Bertola (Co-Founder and CTO) has grown from ten to 100 employees in the last 12 months. Around 3,000 brands in France, including Mont Blanc, Malt, Café Cotton, and franchisees of McDonalds, Ibis Hotels and Burger King already rely on Agicap technology. 100 German companies are already using the software. In the coming months, the start-up with a German headquarters in Frankfurt am Main aims to further conquer the local market. In the next year the offer will be extended to Italy and Spain.

Data security is the top priority

With the expansion to Germany, more and more SMEs have access to the software. At a time when many small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, technology opens up new opportunities and supports businesses in their economic recovery — or helps build business intelligently from the start. Agicap provides the SMEs with relevant data, e.g. B. for potential new employees: inside, borrowing or strategic investments can be decisive. Data security is the top priority. This is guaranteed through the cooperation with the data protection-certified partner Fintecsystems.

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