FINVIA starts successfully on the market as the progressive multi-family office


The founders behind FINVIA (from left to right): Hanna Cimen (COO), Christian Neuhaus (CCO), Valentin Bohländer (CPO), Marc Sonnleitner (CLO), Torsten Murke (CEO) and Reinhard Panse (CIO)

FINVIA, the most progressive multi-family office, is officially launched on the market after a successful start-up phase. The Frankfurt company combines excellent product-independent advice and proven family office services with the possibilities of digital technologies in order to make high-performance asset orchestration at family office level accessible to a much broader target group. In the successful start-up phase in the first three quarters of the year, FINVIA was already able to manage assets with a total value of EUR 2 billion.

“Almost all disciplines in the financial industry have been fundamentally revolutionized in recent years. The family office market as the last bastion was largely spared because the entry barriers are extremely high. Because of this protected market position, traditional family offices have not moved with the times either technologically or in terms of their business models. We are remedying this situation with FINVIA by not only offering excellent family office services, but also making them accessible on a completely new technology platform. Our business model enables us to make our services available to a significantly larger target group than is traditionally the case with family offices. With this much broader target group, there is a great need for family office services, because the previous offer is completely inadequate for their financial goals. We offer these customers professional, holistic and independent navigation of their assets and this at conditions that are otherwise only reserved for institutional investors, ”says Torsten Murke, CEO and co-founder of FINVIA.

As early as the market launch, FINVIA offers a digital SAA (strategic asset allocation) based on a proprietary algorithm across all major asset classes, which can dynamically adapt to changing customer needs and market developments. FINVIA is thus setting a counterpoint to strategic asset allocations from traditional providers, who can only react to rapid market changes due to a lack of digitalization with a significant delay and thus inadequate wealth management.

“Our holistic approach is evident not least from the breadth of our offering, which is particularly well positioned in the area of ​​alternative investments. As an independent multi-family office, we proceed entirely from the customer’s needs and not from the product and use our proprietary capital market models developed with many years of experience to achieve our customers’ investment goals ”, says Reinhard Panse, CIO and co-founder of FINVIA.

With the digital FINVIA platform, the company is also placing particular emphasis on the transparency and analysis of assets in order to achieve optimal management. The FINVIA platform enables customers to have access to their asset overview and bookkeeping at any time and not only receive their financial data but also an evaluation and commentary on this data.

“Our goal is to develop the most transparent, most intuitive and clearest financial and asset platform on the market,” says Christian Neuhaus, CCO and co-founder of FINVIA.

“The family office market is very fragmented. We therefore assume that we will soon see tendencies towards consolidation in this market. Our thesis is that in the long term only those companies will survive in this market that are able to help shape technological change in industry. Most companies not only lack capital for this, but also lack the necessary skills. Our digital FINVIA platform has been set up to be suitable for partners from the start. We firmly assume that a number of independent asset managers will bring their clients to our platform in the future. The advantage for them is that they can benefit from our technology and experience without giving up their customer relationship. Ultimately, it allows the consultants to concentrate even more on the advice

After the successful start-up phase of FINVIA, the company can already raise the original annual forecast. By the end of 2020, a total of EUR 2.5 billion, and thus EUR 500 million more than previously planned, are to be taken under supervision. At the same time, the 40-strong team will be expanded to include up to 60 employees by the end of 2021.

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