Generation Space: Connecting young people to space


Generation Space: Connecting young people to space

Singularity University Frankfurt am Main Chapter, Munich Chapter, and New York City Chapter in collaboration with InnovaSpace are organizing “Generation Space” an on-line event that aims to examine and discuss space exploration and education. The main aim of the event is to inspire, educate, and transform the newest generations, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

With the goal of connecting young people to space, the event also promotes Kids2Mars, a project of InnovaSpace which aims to freely provide global open access to space knowledge focused on the human exploration of the Red Planet. The project invites representative kids and young people (6–18 years old) from all countries to ask questions about the planet Mars and human exploration of Mars, which are then answered by space experts.

The event will be divided into 4 panels of 1 hour each. Topics covered in each session will be as follows; Exponential Technology, Space Health, Life-long Space Learning, Moon & Mars Exploration. The sessions will be delivered by well-known academics, scientists, and professionals coming from renowned international institutions, such as NASA, ESA, SGAC-UN, and more.

Each panel will end with a debate, and Q&A session with the virtual audience, moderated by an expert in the area.

Already confirmed speakers include, Dr. Frank Zimmermann (ESA Business Incubation Center), Dr. Joan Vernikos (former Director of Life Sciences at NASA), Vladimir Pletser (Space Operations Training Director of Blue Abyss), Rochelle Velho (Medical Officer for the Mars AMADEE18 mission) and more.

About Singularity University

Singularity University is the foremost global catalyst for leveraging exponential technologies, including artificial intelligence, robotics, digital biology, and nanotechnology, to create a more abundant world.

About InnovaSpace

InnovaSpace is a Think Tank company developing global, inclusive, diverse, and disruptive scientific projects and educational initiatives.

The event is supported by Mainstage Incubator, Frankfurt Valley, and Xperience Plus.

Read more about the event on the event website and get yourself a ticket!

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