6 Startups you should know in Mainz


6 Startups you should know in Mainz

The city of 200,000 inhabitants with more than 35,000 students is located in the middle of the pulsating Rhine-Main area and has been an important media center for many decades.

For several years, Mainz has presented itself as a start-up city with a lively start-up scene and a wide range of support services that reach beyond the city’s limits to those interested in start-ups. The Gutenberg Digital Hub in Mainz for example has been so instrumental in the startup industry growth. The hub is an amalgamation of the regional economy, science, and public institutions. It is a center for digital users from industry, start-ups, medium-sized IT companies, and science to meet work and network. Through the years they have offered a stable platform for synergies and networking. They have introduced a culture of exchange and learning from and with one another amongst startups with the aim of making digitization in companies, the city, and the region sustainable.

Below we feature startups that are changing the lives of people in the Minz region in a great way.


Vinokilo is a social enterprise that runs Germany’s biggest pop-up event for second-hand clothes. Clothes are normally sold at a kilo price at their events.

Second-hand clothes are handpicked out of containers of clothing waste. They are curated, cleaned, and repaired and sold as vintage ( all-time classics the 60s — 90s ) at their pop up events (in Germany, Netherlands, and Nordics) per kilo price and in a feel-good atmosphere of wine, food, and music.

By covering as many distribution touch points as possible ( offline events, online sales, and stores ), they aim to become Europe’s largest touchpoint for reusing second-hand clothing and hence inspire audiences globally to perceive secondhand clothes as first-hand alternatives to newly industrialized clothing items.


Boep is commonly tabbed as the natural skincare for babies and toddlers. The brand boep stands for certified natural skincare products for the whole family with a delicate, fresh scent. All boep products are vegan, dermatologically tested, and certified by Cosmos Natural. The skincare line includes everything a child could need in its first years of life; from diaper creams to bathing oils and a shampoo-shower gel. Many products like the rich baby cream and the massage oil have become popular among the whole family. Boep products are produced and bottled in Germany.

Boep was founded in Munich, Germany in 2015 by the young doctor and mother of two Michaela and her brother Tilman. The new skincare brand is the result of Michaela’s personal need for natural care products for her first daughter. She was looking for products with natural ingredients and without synthetic perfumes, mineral oils, or parabens. However, she could not find a natural care product without a strong, herbal smell. This is why she started to develop her own line with a more delicate scent and so the “babyoelprojekt”, meaning “baby oil project”, was born. The name was later shortened to “boep”.

Boep’s rapid development shows that Michaela’s idea did not only satisfy her own need but one that many (future) parents share. boep is available online and in drugstores, supermarkets, and department stores throughout Germany and Austria.

Vicampo.de GmbH

This is not just a typical wine trader, no, they are an online marketplace at which more than 2.500 of the best German and international winemakers offer their products. Their digital marketplace concept not only enables many of them — especially small winemakers abroad — to offer their wines nationwide in Germany for the first time but also helps them to reach a younger, wine-loving target audience outside their region. Their development and technical operations departments work daily on the improvement of their customers’​ shopping experience. They have five wine experts who sample hundreds of wines every month, in order to present the most outstanding products to the consumers. In short: they put in hard work so that the customers may have easier access to great wines. Vicampo is an award-winning e-commerce with a heart. It has a team of 150 wine-loving people that wants to excite people in every aspect. Founded in 2012, they are a well-established wine trader that profits from solid funding as well as from the advantages of a young and dynamic startup.


Feel Good Next Day. one: 47 is a dietary supplement with vitamins, minerals, and natural plant extracts. With one type of sugar and sweetener. Their drinks contain a combination of bioavailable, antioxidant plant extracts, electrolytes, and selected vitamins for your well-being the next day.

one: 47 has a number of benefits, here are a few;

It helps reduce tiredness and fatigue through magnesium, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin C.

It contributes to the electrolyte balance through magnesium

It contributes to a normal acid-base metabolism through zinc

It contributes to normal metabolism of macronutrients through zinc

It helps protect the cells from oxidative stress through vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin C, and zinc

It contributes to the maintenance of normal red blood cells through vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

It contributes to the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical activity through vitamin C.

It contributes to a normal energy metabolism through magnesium, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin C.

It contributes to normal psychological function through magnesium, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and vitamin C.

It contributes to the normal function of the immune system through vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and zinc

PosterLab — Knowledge Transferred.

PosterLab offers a Suite of tools, standards and workflows accelerating early research findings/status knowledge transfer within and across research organizations (academic, corporate). Taking onboard more than +60 one-to-one interviews with research stakeholders, their Suite is being designed for Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics research areas. Their goal is to make it easy to map expertise and find experts to accelerate research impact. Their tools, standards, and workflows enables researchers to present their research findings/status in a structured and systematic way. This new transparency accelerates research transfer, realizing the principle of FAIR research dissemination. The only way forward for science to show to its stakeholders the positive impact it delivers to society. They have developed Machine Learning models to extract, understand, summarize, and recommend content to research peers. Posterlabs is financially backed-up by IT Inkubator GmbH, a techno transfer initiative co-financed by Max Planck Society, Uni Saarland, and EU. if you are a seed investor and want to join their investment round to leverage their early successes then contact them here.


WIWIN is an online platform for sustainable investing. They broker capital investments in the fields of renewable energies, sustainable startups, and energy-efficient real estate.

Matthias Willenbacher founded WIWIN in 2011 with the motivation to involve citizens more in the energy transition. The company was founded as a sister company of Juwi AG, a project developer for renewable energies that has been active for almost 25 years.

WIWIN is aimed at investors with a sustainable orientation. They offer capital investment opportunities with a clear focus on the sustainability turnaround and thus make it possible to make a contribution to a sustainable future and exciting projects, even from small amounts. Investing money on their online platform is straightforward and straightforward for everyone. In this way, people who are investing for the first time or who have little experience can use their money to contribute to more sustainability and to limiting climate change. Because if many investors participate in sustainable projects through WIWIN, they can make large investments possible with small individual amounts and thereby help to make the world more sustainable. Their goal is to work with investors and project owners to develop sustainable ideas,

You can find out what their criteria for sustainable projects are on the sustainability page at WIWIN.

More than 5,000 investors have already invested over 67 million euros in sustainable projects via the WIWIN online platform. Over 50 million euros have already been repaid in the form of interest and repayments. All projects that have been completed so far have been successful; the agreed interest and repayments have always been paid out in full by the issuer to the investors on time.

WIWIN mediates different types of capital investments via its online platform. You can find out what the special features of these products are under Investments at WIWIN.

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