Hubitation Startup Week Finals


Hubitation Startup Week Finals

Hubitation Startup Week Finals is happening NOW

The Hubitation Startup week is finally here and Finals are just around the corner! After a long period of waiting, and after Dr. Thomas Hain, managing director of the Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt (NHW), announced a list of ten applicants who are taking part in the Startup Week, everything is about to culminate on 24th September.

For the first time, the Startup Week is only taking place virtually. The event started on Monday 21st September. The high number of finalists meant that the pre-selection process was more difficult than ever for the selection committee and therefore the NHW has also adjusted the capacities for the Startup Week to the number of applications.

Unlike the previous years, this year the NHW management has selected a colorful mix of innovative startups that are developing a pilot project together with the NHW sparring partners. The aim is to translate the approaches of the contest participants into a practical application that will be tested in the NHW’s business operations. In addition to tech startups, founders also admitted to the final startups with ideas that support families or seniors in everyday life.

Here we present the ten finalists in alphabetical order with a reference to where the companies come from. Frankfurt is represented by Candylab from Frankfurt am Main.

This year the Startup Week is featuring both European and international Startups and we are pleased to announce that participants from the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland are present.

The finals will take place on September 24th. There the ten finalists will present their results from the Startup Week and how they are bringing innovations to the housing industry with a pilot project.

Here is a video from last year’s event.

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