Introducing Xperience Plus- A Platform for Dreamers and Doers!


Imagine being able to travel and see, smell, hear and touch, savor, and feel emotions on the edge by living your dreams anywhere in the world! Now imagine experiencing all this all while comfortably lying on your bed or sitting on your sofa or resting in a shade under a tree. If you like the idea, then you are a Dreamer! And if you are a dreamer then Xperience Plus is for you.

X+ is a platform that enables people to experience unlimited realities wherever they are in the world. It offers a first full real-time, interactive,

immersive, and on-demand experience to the user. With X+, a Dreamer who wants to live a particular tailor-made experience is connected to a Doer who creates the on-demand requested reality. X+ reimagines the future of entertainment by enabling people to experience unlimited realities, limitless stimuli, and borderless emotions. It allows users to directly personalize digital content to fulfill their own dreams. It is simply dreaming while you are awake!

How it works

First, the user describes their dream​. They share their preferable experience. Select the emotions they want to feel and choose the stimuli they want to enjoy.

Secondly, X+ matches the user to a Doer that will stream the interactive tailor-made experience directly to them.

Finally, once agreed, both Dreamer and Doer will be connected for live streaming the experience, stimuli, and emotions.

The Motivation

The main aim of Xperience plus is to enable people to experience unlimited realities. The founders and team at X+ believe that Passions and Dreams can change the world. The idea and motivation to start Xperience plus is to impact billions of people in a positive way, working on a sustainable framework to support global challenges of economic growth and fight poverty by enabling the economy of passions.

Though not new, the idea behind X+ is unique. All the founders share a passion for technology and innovation, and they went through personal situations where their lives were limited. The greatest trigger to accelerate it may have been the COVID-19 lockdown, which impacted and limited so many people´s lives. The team said, “Why don’t we have X+ live? Our friends and family are asking for it. We know so many people would be impacted in a positive way”. That’s when they decided to push it forward.

What’s in it for the Dreamer?

X+ allows you to fulfill your dreams. It is easy and quick to use, very affordable, and appeals to all the five senses. You have full control over price selection and the duration you want to Xperience the dream.

What’s in it for the doer?

X+ allows you to earn money doing what you love. The doer has the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and form connections that might last a lifetime. He or she creates memories and builds a digital brand for themselves. What’s better is that Doers get to set their own price per minute.

Sign up!

There’s more to write about Xperience plus! Ink and paper would fail me! What is preventing you from being the first early-bird user by signing up either as a Doer or a Dreamer on the X+ platform here? Enjoy unlimited dreams!

The company is based in Europe with offices both in the UK and Frankfurt Germany. It is supported by Mainstage Incubator.

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