Frankfurt Valley Launches Website — an empowered flagship Gateway for the international hub in…


Frankfurt Valley Launches Website — an empowered flagship Gateway for the international hub in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Valley is excited to announce the launch of its Website today. is your new place to discover the hot stories, the trends, and the flow from our ecosystem, including all hubs related to entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, disruption, and fast-paced industries that are creating success cases out of Frankfurt Rhein-Main and Hessen region.

The site is English only, keeping the alignment with the brand vision, and will focus on highlighting and promoting relations with mostly startups, but as well corporates, investors, policymakers, and other meaningful organizations, always with a very international focus.

Building bi-directional bridges and support scaling is our end goal.

Frankfurt Valley started in August 2017 as a passion-driven project of Pedro Ferreira. After three years of sustainable growth and great overall ecosystem development, Frankfurt Valley is from September 2020 a joint venture Brand of Mainstage Incubator, that shares the vision and is supporting the project to grow further and get more professional outcomes.

About this development, Pedro Ferreira says: “Frankfurt Valley is evolving, and in my opinion is a mindset, not only mine but from a community, so I´m happy to see it growing and scaling. It is a great feeling to not be only an aggregator or connector, but indeed to have an active role in building this mindset. Over the past years, I built different local and international stakeholder relationships, and I always wanted to have a way to support them: Frankfurt Valley is my answer.”

Swen Wegner, Founder of Mainstage Incubator adds:” The company’s core vision is to connect with global startup ecosystems, building bridges between them and adding value to them. Mainstage Incubator helps startups with scaling internationally focusing on Customer Acquisition, Fundraising Support, Hardware Manufacturing support, and Coaching Sessions.

The Joint Venture of Mainstage Incubator and Frankfurt Valley amplifies the Vision. Where Mainstage is focusing more on International Regions, Frankfurt Valley is bringing in the value and recognition of the regional startup community. Frankfurt being the epicenter of Europe needs to show the rest of the World that the Startup Community is strong and ready to scale internationally. Pedro is the best example of an Ultimate Networker and Ecosystem Builder, and I am glad that we got to grow both Visions, together as a Team!”

The announcement of the new website and the joint venture is just an initial step, and more developments will follow.

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