Mental Wellbeing, Enhancing your Focus & Productivity : Mindfulife provides evidence-based…


Mental Wellbeing, Enhancing your Focus & Productivity : Mindfulife provides evidence-based Meditation

Meditation — how does it work and what’s the benefit?

The meditation experts & Psychologist Tonka Nikolova and Phillip Nowak from Mindfulife show you in their meditation courses for companies and individuals.

Since the founding of Mindfulife in 2018, they have meditated with several thousand people all over the world, helping them destress and focus. Especially in these stressful times, they provide a rich resource for your mental health care.

The best about it? All of the meditations by Mindfulife are scientifically based. Tonka and Phillip work with various universities and institutes; mainly their home university, the Goethe University in Frankfurt, but also the renowned Karolinska Institut, which decides the Nobel Prize winners for Medicine.

Meditation made accessible — online and offline

In their courses and workshops, Mindfulife makes sure to explain in an easily understandable way the effect of certain meditations on body and psyche and accompanies their clients specifically through meditation training sessions that are regularly evaluated. They offer their services both online and offline and thereby combine the advantages of both worlds, providing ideal support for organisations and people who want to invest in mental health care.

Fostering the mental health of your employees to boost your company The most important resource of companies are their employees: To ensure the company’s best work, it is important to ensure the employees’ best work. Unfortunately, due to excessive demands and stress, employees can rarely access their strengths and deliver their best work. This often leads to employee absences and low employee satisfaction. Many physical issues from the employee have a stress origins. The psychologist from Mindfulife support Organisation to reduce the absences, improve the overall wellbeing of the individual and enhance the concentration. In this way individuals are aware where they put their energy and focus on, in this way also the creativity and the performance grow.

Mindfulife provides a way of reducing stress and getting a clearer mind. All in all, meditation means mental health care, and much like sports and hygiene, this care requires regularity. And this is where Mindfulife starts with their offer: they accompany teams, leaders and individuals through tailored for their exact needs through workshops and regular meditation sessions guided by a teacher and very soon an online Platform. Mindfulife combines online and offline Sessions & Trainings to cover all the needs, bring awareness & knowledge why its worth taking care of your mental health on regular basis.

Their clients include top 3 management consultancies, large law firms and banks. Also, trough their partnership with Samsung, they are able to hold a wide variety of workshops in Frankfurt in the Samsung Showcase on a regular basis.

Interested in caring for your mental health? Then jump right in and join us in one of our next meditation sessions! The weekly plan can be found on our homepage>

Also listen to Tonka Nikolovas on the next Woman who inspire online-session:

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