limo — less is more Sustainable Fashion Made in Germany


Katharina Funke-Braun, Founder of limo (Photographer: Christina Happich)

limo — less is more
Sustainable Fashion Made in Germany

Katharina Funke-Braun, the founder of limo, wants to make her contribution to a sustainable way of life. During her work in the start-up industry, she has experienced that the economic system, in general, is characterized by the constant urge to grow. The fashion industry in particular is characterized by the fast pace and a throw-away mentality like almost no other industry. In Germany alone, almost 4 million tons of textile waste is produced every year. In other words: Every German throws almost 5 kg of textiles away every year.

Only a small part of it is recycled. In addition, overproduction by brand manufacturers is usually burned in order not to damage the brand image through discounts. As a result more and more is being produced and consumed, and the length of time the garments are worn is constantly being shortened.

Katharina has been dealing with the topic of sustainability for many years in her private life. limo is her contribution to “fair fashion” and offers her the opportunity to combine her passion for both — fashion and sustainability.

limo creates high-quality garments that are sustainable in many ways:
– High quality allows a long product life;
– The designs are timeless and do not follow constantly changing fashion trends;
– The garments are produced by up-cycling high-quality men's shirts from German manufacturers
– All items of clothing are made exclusively to order in the limo atelier in Germany.
– Direct sales via the online shop make it possible to invest in product quality

„A well-considered wardrobe is more than a wardrobe full of things that are never worn.“

limo — less is more
Sustainable Fashion Made in Germany
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