DPD Germany and Eintracht Frankfurt Sign a 3-Year Sponsorship Deal



DPD Germany has signed as the official logistics partner and sleeve sponsor to the Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt. DPD Germany which is a leading international parcel and the express service provider will be the sponsor for the club for the next three years. The agreement starts with the 2020–21 season and terminates on June 30, 2023.

Reports from the German press reveal that the deal is worth €2.5m ($2.9m) every year giving a total of €7.5m ($8.7m) for the three years.

DPD and Eintracht will be working closely on logistics. Apart from this, they will collaborate in other areas such as sustainability, digitization, as well as talent acquisition and management. The club recently created a digital center, dubbed the ‘Arena of IoT’ that runs projects related to the internet of things(IoT); DPD will offer valuable inputs on these projects too.

DPD joins many events at Eintracht. Among them being #EintrachtDigital series which is a series that focuses on digital transformation. They also join “TechTalents” recruiting program as a partner to Eintracht Frankfurt and the TechQuartier. TechQuartier is an independent arena for entrepreneurs and innovators in the finance domain.

Speaking during the signing, Axel Hellmann, a board member of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, was excited to note that the sponsorship will have a wide-ranging commitment especially in terms of the services it will offer:

“DPD sees itself as an innovation driver, which, like us, is in an intensive digitization process. With this in mind, we were able to convince DPD of its extensive commitment. The diverse presence of DPD in many of our different areas also shows the broad spectrum that we bring to such a partnership because we also have a lot to offer beyond the licensed player area.”

Eric Malitzke, CEO of DPD Germany, applauded the Eintracht Frankfurt as a football club that is both socially and innovatively active even beyond the football playground.

The shirt sleeve display containing the DPD logo was officially launched during the DFB Cup match against TSV 1860 Munich last weekend. The players of the team will put on the kit containing the DPD logo, in all Bundesliga, DFB Cup, and friendly matches. All teams in the Eintracht Frankfurt eV sports team portfolio including the Eintracht Frankfurt women’s team and the football academy will put on a shirt with the DPD logo on the sleeves.


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